Hatred, sickness plots against our homeland, they’re coming,

They’re here in this land, they don’t hide as their faces are seen.

Work with you they do, maybe a smile as they pass you by,

As good people they come in from all sides, they don’t have to sneak.

They step from planes with passports and go about their day,

Cruise do these monsters with no morals on ships, welcome to our home.

We have darkness from sea to shining sea, borders are without safety,

They come from there just as they are over there from here, grow with fear.

A flag they plan to replace with a flag that waves for over two hundred years,

Their message is clear, they say it with the murders of our people, we don’t care.

As they become stronger with power and weapons we sit and wonder but it’s real,

What’s really going on, can we trust anybody anywhere, we hope, don’t think so.

Darkness in America is growing fast, you can see it as the sun shines bright,

Pray that a day does not come when our children need to carry a gun in their hand.

Keith Garrett



It stands above, from the road it is large and quietly mysterious,

Never seen is a person or people but lives there is certainly someone.

An old but beautiful, made of brick and wood house that rests on a hill,

The iron gate that surrounds it says to stay away, its beauty is always.

Appears that this old house on the hill is empty and lonely, from the outside,

There runs water down the side of the house into a lake that shines in the sun.

One can only imagine the appearance of the inside as over the years who did see,

The fact remains that somebody does live in such a place as this, a person not seen.

Why would one so desire to hide from the world or do they simply wish to be left alone,

The mysterious, quiet, house on the hill has stood for many generations as told,

Years of family perhaps at one time were known, what’s inside, a book of stories old.

Keith Garrett



We need to open our eyes, we’ve been blind to long,

Look what’s happening to us, there’s something very wrong.

Alone it won’t be done, we must do this together,

All of us take for granted a world we live in is forever.

Overlooking the pollution we pass by each day,

Leaving it to another to make it go away.

Poisoning the resources we must have to survive,

These things that we do, one day surely we will all die.

It’s now time to change, make a difference each one,

To save mankind, let’s all stand as one.

How much longer before it’s to late,

Why do we tempt the thing we call fate.?

It’s a crime what we are doing to the ground and our sky,

It’s time to stop now, it’s our time to make things right.

We can make it work if it gets done now,

To hesitate and delay will only bring sorrow.

Keith Garrett



A wise man said, never angry to bed,

Let go of the anger or sorrow that fills your heart.

Think before you act, be wise with your choice,

Put your thoughts together before words come out wrong.

Physical violence is not a last resort,

You’ve traveled too far, now you are lost.

A wise man said you can’t always get what you want,

Things won’t always go your way,

Keep control and pray for another day.

If first you don’t succed try, try again,

When the morning sun rises, another chance you’ll have,

A wise man said but a wise man is one who can keep a clear head.

Keith Garrett



In the dark of night, a clear sky that showed stars of plenty,

I stood last night all alone with my thoughts and fears.

A beautiful, quiet, night with everything around In my sight,

Wondering, thinking about my tomorrow and what’s to come.

I looked far beyond the stars trying hard to see beyond the mystery,

It appeared that all out there was so still to my eyes but forever moving.

I stood last night watching time go by, examing what my life Is about,

Which part of the day might this be In my time, I’m sure It’s a bit past noon.

I stood last night wondering what kind of world I am living In as I age more,

There Is much angry energy around, Is love the greatest wonder of all.?

Keith Garrett



In places i once knew, i remember, remember all of you,

From places i lived once as a child, a place in the snow for awhile.

Travels that took me to all of you, childhood friends oh! how i miss you,

Where are you now, scattered with time all over this always mysterious world.

Places of memories, Yorba Linda was very special to me as a boy, full of friends,

I remember all of you from each school, each day we gathered, where are you now.?

Hanging out at Winchell’s, in the park up the road, on a Friday night a trip to Naugles,

Skate factory, skate way, girls and boys met for the night, now are men and women.

To Thrifty’s for an Icecream cone, a triple scoop for fifteen cents, what’s your favorite flavor,

A pinball machine was a favorite of mine, a quarter gave a gift of three games.

Walking to school, basketball at Bernardo Yorba on a Saturday afternoon, remember,?

The friends, the things we did, places to go, I remember you and pinball Wizard too,

So many streets, friends in houses no longer seen, I remember you from a lifetime ago.

Placentia Is a place of many memories for me as i had just moved from Yorba, a goodbye,

Nineteen seventy seven, Summmer had just begun, A new place, friends to meet here.

Parties, skating, warm nights sitting outside laughing with new friends on the block,

Tri-city park walking a path around the lake, Yum, Yum donuts where everyone would meet.

Camelot where all people would go, friends and fun many years ago, where did you go,?

Bus rides and car drives off to the beach, In the waves we swam, laying out in the sand,

I saw you all as teens in what seems like a dream, we’re older now, i remember you always.

Keith Garrett




He learned to heal as only a man can, he was human,

A womans husband dies, he loses faith in himself,

People he knew in a town also lose faith in a friend.

He was a doctor who did care about pain and suffering,

Angry at himself because he failed another, could not cure.

He was a doctor, not perfect in any way, not made of miracles,

He turned his back on his profession, he turned his back on himself.

He needed to figure it out, he went home, back to a simple life,

Working on his farm, away from the pain and death that ate at him.

This wasn’t who he was, down inside he was a healing man, a doctor,

What he realized, he was a doctor, not god.

Keith Garrett