What do you see when you peek at me, for a lifetime you’ve seen,

I wait as each time you appear, we grow older together with the years.

You stare and dream as thoughts from your mind are the same in me,

The morning awakes you, come see the mirror, do you see, do you see.

You’ve studied me closely, at times wondering who I am, understand,

I am the same as you, a man searching within himself, always searching.

From the mirror you gaze into these eyes, are you so surprised,

Do you think I do not know whom it is you really are, I know you.

There are those moments I wish not to see you, not here you,

Not think at all or too fe.el the same pain that haunts you,

From the mirror thoughts of a man, a piece of one man.

Keith Garrett


Quiet, a peaceful, gentle soul was he, always friendly each day,

Is this one okay, what might hide behind this face so innocent.

She seemed to be a pleasant, young woman of laughter and joy,

Never an angry look, cookies she did bake for the children of play,

Reality sets in as her thoughts of what she does sleep in the night.

A couple well known in society frequent restaurants as normal you see,

Are they whom the neighborhood sees or more of strangers possibly.

Who does live next door? never really sure as they come and go,

Friend you thought, babysitter of trust maybe not, who does live next door?

Keith Garrett