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There we are together standing as the sun disappears,

Only a lonely tree keeps us company, we are alive!.

Many colors rest in the open sky as day turns to night,

We stand together yet apart with our own vision of life.

Through different eyes, do we see the same things,?

As only our thoughts create a separate way of seeing them.

We are two souls occupying the same earth, dreaming, wondering,

Watching the world in two directions, seeing a different way, imagine.

Keith Garrett

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          The story goes as told , there was a girl lost as she was being chased,



             He was following her, fast enough but close behind he did follow.



                Where she was, why he was after her does not really matter,



              Not known if in fact he knows her or just another violent stalker.



               It was never even told who she was but she was scared and alone,



              Hiding in the woods from a stranger with no help in sight for her.



               Nobody knew she was there, only that she was missing for a day,



               He was somewhere out there in the woods, hiding but watching.



            Further into the woods she moved along wondering if her life was done,



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What have i heard, the wind blowing through the trees,

A dog barking many times in my ear.

High in the sky i’ve heard planes soaring by,

As a boy, the voice of a person reading to me, a story.

The voices of many whom speak out to a world,

From my beginning, the sounds of children crying in pain.

I’ve listened to a mother and father who have said to me many things,

The blast of bombs dropping, gunfire in the night.

Laughter from those the happy ones, at peace with themselves,

Echoes of victory from the bad that is done.

With words from their hearts they sing out songs,

I listen with an ear, music of the world.

I listen to love, i’ve heard all the hate,

Sounds of a lifetime, my memory in time.

The sounds of a world so old, what do you hear.?

Keith Garrett


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Where does the wind go when it’s no longer here,

Does it travel to far off places, will the same wind reappear.?

If it blows across the ocean has it a plan of its own,

Are their many different winds, who would know.

It passes us by in an instance of time,

Cool or warm, soft it may feel,

Wicked with speed, fierce it may be.

Where the wind blows is a mystery only god knows,

Beyond the clouds, across the mountains it flows.

It has not a face as it makes itself known,

Since the beginning of time, where does the wind blow.?

Where the wind blows, many think they know,

From long ago many souls have followed and never

Have seen where it goes, where the wind blows.

Keith Garrett


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How is it possible to change the world,

Can one man get it started, where to begin.?

Do a favor of unselfishness and ask that in return

This person do three favors,

Two more favors of you must be accomplished to start.

It is that someone first did a kindness for you,

They then asked of you to do these three things.

Favors of three may be quite a sacrifice indeed,

A price this may be that you pay in many a way.

A person, just one to take a chance is possible,

If each that has been given this gift does in return

Pass it on then it will never stop.

The world would be as one family, in other words,


Keith Garrett



I write to you from yesterday, a very long time ago for you,

Long before you were born in a town of people and family.

My family and i were up before the break of dawn, working,

Children of a simple time but at times not so simple you see.

Horses were a common thing just as your car is in your time,

Things of your day not dreamed up as of yet, life was hard, also fun.

Here in yesterday there is sickness that kills many as there is no medicine,

As i sit here on my farm watcing my wife and kids play i write this to you.

When you receive my letter it will be that i and those i love will be gone now,

You will have all the things that we here have never seen, good and bad.

There are beautiful things and land that will disappear with time, i can see them,

I live here in another time and place just as you do, i hope this letter gets to you.

Keith Garrett


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I stand here watching as I am not noticed but observe I do,

By an old, leafless tree I watch this scene hidden in the shadows.

A long time ago I see in front of me an old farm house of red,

Old, withered, fences surround the house and land, many trees in the distance stand.

A sky of clouded blue is a part of this picture seen from my eyes,

To the left of me slowly walking is a young man and horse,

Their shadows follow along as they head on down the road.

Covered with leaves is the ground as the look and feel of Fall is around,

A wagon sits unhitched close to where it is that I stand,

A picture from a long time ago, not recognizing where I am.

A picture of a place that once use to be, now just a picture of a…

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