Ballad of The Beloved

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Beautiful poem Syl,

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Once more

I am reminded of

Why the spirit sings

Ballads from a chosen heart

Millions of hearts to listen to

But you chose to lay your head to my chest

And listen to mine

God’s goodness is unparalleled

You are spring and I am summer

Together, we are love fully awakened

I hear the song of your spirit

A woman loved for all of who you are

My spirit composes an unending ballad

of jubilation

The joy of a man

Loved for all of who I am

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Tell me lord, is there Christmas in heaven,?

Do bells chime with a sound so beautiful.?

Is there singing from angels above the clouds,?

Do the dearly departed dance with joy.?

Is there a tree so tall and bright with colors,?

Do all rejoice to strings of musical harps.?

Are there candles of colors bright with the light,?

Is there a heavenly Christmas as i stare to the sky.?

Tell me lord that the answers to these questions may be real,

A heavenly Christmas, let this be true.

Keith Garrett

Tell me lord that the answers to these questions may be real,?

A heavenly Christmas, let this be true.

Keith Garrett


I sit here god wondering why so many are with sickness,

With pain they live with everyday.

Tell me why cancer exists in our beautiful world,

Why so many children never have the chance to dream.

Tell me why heaven is such a wonderful place,

Hell is so terrible, what’s to become of the human race.

Christmas is almost here, a miracle would have to be it appears,

I have this wish that this might be an illness free Christmas to be.

Merry Christmas to all of you on face book,

Too all that I’ve known and do know again.

Keith Garrett


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I gazed outside at a bird on a limb,

So many clouds made my light very dim.

The things I see are not so new,

From out of my window, a simple view.

I stand here watching as time goes by,

I listen for the sound, I can hear nature cry.

The wind passes by, through the trees It blows,

Stare out at the night, watch as the moon glows.

As day becomes night and the night turns too day,

Time does not stand still but from out of my window

I see things things my own way.

Keith Garrett

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