Walked hand in hand, he was the man,

When I looked up I saw my dad.

So impressed when I watched him shave,

I want to be like you, a proud dad of a man.

Watch television with you, a drive in your car,

Father and son, I have traveled far, see you above the stars.

Keith Garrett


We started searching for you yesterday as you disappeared,

You were gone, no trace or clues to what could have happened.

Never giving up hope, day and night we are working to find you,

What happened?, only you and perhaps another have the answer.

There has to be a reason, where are you!, could you be hurt,

Did you possibly decide to go away, i know everything is not okay.

Find me!, I am here below the shrubs, down from the main road,

I lost control of my car and crashed, Yes! i am hurt and can’t move.

The road is noticed as cars do pass by, i’m close by, close to home,

I think you’re too far away, find me!, i’m alive!, don’t let me die!,

I’m here waiting, i know you’ll find me, i’ll be alright, a beautiful night.

Keith Garrett


With my heart, this heart i can still touch,

Your scent encircling me does not vanish.

In the wind feel you i do,

Go away you do not, the air i breathe is you.

Step out onto your patio, take in the air,

The early evening breeze flows through your hair,

Feel it on you, i am there.

Feel the wind as it comes from all that you are,

Energy so magnificent, power of your soul.

I feel the wind and imagine that it wears a face,

A smile, beautiful eyes, and a voice with words of love.

Feel the wind, i can feel the wind as it takes me away,

The wind is you, i am the wind.

Keith Garrett


Watching the water as it flows down stream,

I walk its path on either side.

As the river turns swaying from side to side,

The rushing water crashes and throws itself at me,

As i make my way along.

On my journey past trees and hills,

Notice do i the bright sun and big white clouds passing me by.

Follow, follow the river on a course chosen by itself,

Onward, downward until such a place where the water lies still.

I follow the river to a resting spot, now it is time for this soul to sleep.

Keith Garrett


Everyday i wake whether there be sun or clouds,

I take in a breath fore i am so fortunate to have another.

The light of morning is shown to my ageing eyes,

Everyday i am grateful to see the sky, feel the wind go by.

Walking along the streets, through the park many sights,

This is my everyday, the birds visit my yard, nature plays.

To love and be loved is hoped for in ones life, a blessing,

Everyday holds no guarantees of anything but we keep the faith.

Everyday will not be forever, not until we travel off to heaven.

Keith Garrett