I awoke this morning to the sunlight along with the musical tunes of nature,

Scrub jays of beautiful blue flying here and there collecting their peanuts.

I watch the Squirrels running, playing, and eating breakfast set out for them,

Life is awake, plants and trees, flowers and green surround from all around.

In the distance i can hear many flying creatures, the echo of a dog calling out,

The blue sky lay like a blanket over what has been created from the master.

Did you see the world today, did you look around to all that may be found,

Did you see the hills and green grass dancing back and forth.

Did you see the day change from yesterday, the world change before you,

Did you see the world today, see it before it disappears and goes away.

Keith Garrett



Many lifetimes ago their lived a youthful man,

He worked hard, he did all that a man can.

On his farm, awoke when the rooster said,

Watched the sunrise, breakfast began his day.

A simple man whom worked hard on his land,

Crops in the field, a little money in his hand.

He had a wife with a pretty smile,

She was there when the day was done,

As he walked in from the setting sun.

Supper on the table, tired was this man and wife,

A warm fire and some conversation till sleep set in their eyes.

Children were grown, an adventure of their own,

A mother, a father, in a home now alone,

Their once was a man whom loved all that he had.

Keith Garrett


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Sometimes to recall childhood days are lost with what life takes away,

A bicycle of color sits for years until its age is seen through cobwebs so clear.

A shed or a box of stored away and at times forgotten treasures are again a thought,

Going back to a place where once we stood on sidewalks of ghosts, friends we knew.

Trees grow taller, houses rest where inside we once knew those with faces and names,

Hills where we wandered have disappeared with this changing world.

Nothing seems to stay the same, faces fade, children we knew all go away,

Their are those times when i can just stand there and somewhere in the wind,

When the night is quiet, there’s a fragrance in the air, that feeling of that yesterday.

Like a cloud or veil as the seasons change and we all go our separate ways,

Thoughts change, some…

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My quest for peace should be an easily obtained request,

I am one whom may be of anger but is not of violence.

Ask only do i to be left alone when so desired,

If not left alone as i’ve asked then on the defense i am.

When walking then i am on the move in my own space,

To be stopped, detained without respect or descency

Will be a warning of much dislike.

When quiet and of no threat it is that i am called unfriendly,

These words spoken from lips of those of ignorance and judgement.

There are two faces, two different sides to the world,

To be judged and jailed does not have to mean of guilt.

False sentences, deception, motives of ones dark side,

This can be a prison without walls or a locked door.

There’s an invisible jury, one that can’not be seen,

It lives among us each day, why does it not go away.

My quest for peace has been long searched for,

It lives within me as my walls are built brick, by brick,

I am the guard, i hold the key, nothing can take this from me.

Keith Garrett

Leaving it all behind

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I stop where i’m standing looking around,

What is this madness born to us all.?

Leaving my work, my home, and the things known to me,

Go away to a place up high, way back in the hills.

There are no people of judgement to listen to,

The loud sounds of tragedy lost in my travel.

There is no anger or the struggle to survive,

Out here only nature to hear me cry.

Leaving it all behind,

The life that was once mine.

Keith Garrett

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A chance to see fore never have i been able to walk in light,

A chance to watch the sun rise as never before seen but dreamed.

A chance to see the trees sway in the wind as the wind never seen,

A chance to see the mountains that i never thought a reality.

A chance to see the clouds so big in the sky drifting slowly by,

A chance to see the waves in the ocean only heard through time.

A chance to walk without a cane, to be free, walk, and see,

A chance to see a smiling face that might smile back at me.

A chance to see all the things that i have always dreamed,

A chance to see what’s never been before these eyes,

A chance, a chance, to see what is in front of me.

Keith Garrett



Castles of knights so long ago, a far off land, a sword in a stone,

Dragons that fly across the sky, fire they breathe, burns the night.

Wizards dressed in robes of black, stars and moons on their backs,

Spells from a book, potions brewed up special in a pot of fire so black.

Sorcerer’s that cast upon the land an evil presence of giants so bad,

Legends of stories told from times of so old, kings and queens, guillotines.

Mythical tales and magical scenes only dreamed from minds of fairytale stories,

Possibly, Imaginations so real that just maybe once upon a time in another world.

Mythical tales from generation to generation, a place of old England,

Were there things once so real turned to tales and not believed again.

Keith Garrett