They could not escape their fiery place,

They perished in a home for orphans long ago.

Three boys and a dog left so alone,

They had forever to roam this empty home.

Not wanting to go away, they hid in this place of decay,

Time did not pass away, these three boys could not go away.

No more of the human race, ghosts trapped with the forgotten days,

They were young when their lives were taken by the deadly fire.

It was time for these three boys to go away, help would send them to a place,

Three boys lost but found, sadness no longer, heaven bound.

Keith Garrett


Every sunrise, a new day to see,

At mornings light, something too believe.

Is believing having faith or just thinking a lie is true,

We all believe in something, it’s what we do.

What I believe is this in life,

No one is perfect, all have things to work on.

I believe that anyone is capable of most anything,

Trust no one unless you think they’re worth trusting.

To believe that people won’t do bad against you

Is a fairy tale disguised as a true story.

Believe this, trust yourself to do the right things,

Keep your eyes open to what evil brings.

What I believe is nothing is for free, there are no free rides,

What I believe matters only to me inside.

Keith Garrett


Appears in the night sky, after days light has gone,

Whistles with a bright light, crackling way up high.

Shooting across the sky, into the late night, colors fly,

Smoke fills the air, a smell of it as it drifts away.

Streaming light, sparkling rockets so bright,

Disappear with time, tonight freedom shines.

There is a fire in the sky, eyes fixed until daylight,

The morning light shines, a celebration of life.

Keith Garrett