A season arrives, colder become the days and nights,

You awake too a lightly falling, white rain of snow,

As heavier it becomes the branches of trees slowly disappear.

Roof tops change too, a blanket of white covers them all,

Sidewalks and parks, the green grass becomes a cold, floor.

Snowball fights between children, fun times in the neighborhood,

A snowman stands motionless in a yard waiting for magic of the season.

People Iceskating on frozen water, bundled in clothes for the occasion,

Icicles hanging from roof tops dripping slowly, drop by drop they vanish,

Snow land, at times a fantasy but reality for many in an everyday world.

Keith Garrett



We set out early for our walk into the cold, frosty day,

What a beautiful scene as the morning light shines through.

Large pine trees are many, standing high in the sky for quite awhile,

Snow has settled on the ground like a thick, white blanket from a passing storm.

Having a little fun throwing snowballs at each other hiking through the woods,

Pine cones we find along the way of many shapes and sizes create a beautiful scene.

Icicles are seen hanging from rock formations as we head further along into the woods,

A rushing river of water is a sight, so cold it must be as it travels beyond where we are,

A walk through Winter, chilly winds blow after dark, into the night, again it’s daylight.



Come take a walk with me, yes! darling a walk in the snow,

Hold my hand baby, walk with me as each other we’ll get to know.

I’m a little bit older as you are young, walk with me in the Winter sun,

Sweetheart I know it is cold outside, that’s why I give my jacket to you.

Reaching down for a snowball I make with my hands, these cold hands,

Throwing it at you in a playful manner as you stare at me with shock.

I’m laughing but you are bitter cold, pushing me down with my face in the frosty snow,

We stand underneath a snow covered tree laughing together,

Push ,push on the tree, watch as the heavy branches drop the freezing

White snow all over the both of us.

A walk in the snow, a walk with you.

Keith Garrett



Morning is filled with a fog coming off the lake,

A beautiful sight, chilly is the breeze, very early.

Quiet is the way, a dream that i will have this day,

Trees stand watching all around, their leaves upon the ground.

A beautiful scene the lake shows when soon the fog does clear,

Everyone is still asleep on this Thanksgiving day, a fire burning.

Chopped wood is what is needed to keep a home warm on this holiday,

On this Fall day we will share our lives in peace and love.

I can hear the voices of children, awake now is the family,

Relatives will arrive soon, wife is inside preparing a turkey.

A Fall day in November, will there ever be one like it again.?

Keith Garrett



There’s a change of seasons, it’s in the air,

The night turns to a crisp Autumn cold.

The shadows appear early as the days become less,

A chill comes to settle here in the west.

The leaves change of color before they float gently to the ground,

Not a sound do they make as they touch where they’re bound.

From dawn until dusk swiftly travels the sun,

The moon shows its face sooner as early the day’s done.

The fog starts to move along the shore,

Now that it’s Fall, Summer no more.

These things that we call, feelings of Fall.

Keith Garrett