I am a man, you are a woman, from the moment we are born we age,

In this world we all have a chance to to be and accomplish anything.

Never have I been one to believe In power or that one soul Is more

Precious or Important than another, this Is the way our world seems.

There are Kings and queens, rulers, presidents, those born with money,

Good and bad are those with or without, money makes not the man.

An actor, a singer, movie star are people that are by others worshiped,

Idolized as though they are magical, special In a way because they live on a screen.

Not to criticize that which they do but yes, all are the same as me and you,

We can’t take It with us, material things, none can we strap to our spirits.

We are each one of us the same In that we are human, blood and mortal,

We can’t take It with us but we can love what we have each day until we go away.

Keith Garrett


Lost was i within the snowy landscape of the Alaskan wilderness,

Crashed did i my plane into the chilly waters, lucky to be alive.

Made my way from the water, freezing, a few items salvaged,

Matches sealed in a bag were at this moment my only friend.

Managed with a lot of work to get a small fire going under a tree,

Cold and alone i wondered what would become of me, tired am i.

Starting to drift into sleep, cracking of branches startled me,

When i looked up, appeared to my eyes fear, a bear silently standing there.

I couldn’t move, the bear just stared, turned and walked away,

This can’not be as it must be a dream, what does this mean.?

Sleep did visit me, when i awoke i was not scared, a fish lay at my feet,

In the distance the bear watched me, i cooked then ate, he walked away.

I noticed his path the same way, he roared out as if speaking to me,

I was not afraid as i followed him up the hill, he stared and then disappeared,

In front of me, over the hill sat a town alive with people, the bear.

Keith Garrett


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Sometimes we wish and find there to be another side of It,

When this world appears to be to much for me to handle

I sometimes wish that there were no people In this land.

If I walked alone at times I might think a dream come true,

No noise would be a pleasure but when would the quiet be a curse.

Walking through the streets beneath the light of the sun,

All alone such a peaceful journey until the day Is done.

Darkness will come, a place not special for me, a night alone an eternity,

If I walked alone everything would be mine to call my own.

Watch what you wish for as there are two sides to every want,

If I walked alone then alone I would be,

No value or meaning without another to see.

Keith Garrett




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Within my day there are everywhere sounds that i do not wish to hear,

Loud noises are most Irritating and painful to these listening ears.

They come from many places as my mind scrambles them in and out,

There are many beautiful sounds but not so special are loud noises around.

Their faces change, they wear disguises of a variety of emotion,

There’s something different about them as they play and entertain.

What’s behind their painted masks, it takes a certain type of soul,

Some have a fear of them, a legend or story about the clowns.

They serve a greater purpose as they are servants of the lord,

Dressed a most different way than others, their life they give in a special way.

Nuns have walked the earth and sacrificed much to live a life for others,

And nuns i have met, the same as you and i, flesh…

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There was a time when as a small boy I ran and played like others,

Reading books was my everyday thing, I rememember a childs life.

Something was happening to me but I was scared and hoped It would fade,

A shaky hand turned Into a life that would become a hell not for any man.

Slowly as I age and young still I decay In my mind, my body does not function,

Control of my soul Is not mine as this horrible monster conquers what Is mine.

I do not realize that time goes by In the length of so many years as I’m dead but alive,

My existence Is known and seen by strangers and a mother but no, not me.

I’m alive on the Inside but they think I’ve gone far, far, away, I have something to say,

If what Is hell could be worse than where I am then I should not complain about my pain.

I want them to know that I am alive Inside, I am a person that has only died on the outside,

I am alive! I am alive!.

Keith Garrett


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From where i stand, i look out at the wide open sky,

There in the distance, a wall of darkness slowly approaching my way.

The wind is blowing, carrying clouds through the air,

Feeling trapped where i am, no place to run.

Gaining on me with a powerful force, these clouds up so high,

Staring up at them in the dark, dark, sky.

Clouds of darkness are everywhere, following over me,

What can happen?, they can’t fall on me.

These clouds of darkness have everyplace to roam,

Up in the air is where they make their home.

Keith Garrett

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I walk fore It Is that I can not drive, I make my way to where I go,

Shopping Is a chore but I do It on foot and carry many bags home.

I have to do It In the rain, heat, but I see things that they don’t notice,

With my headphones singing to me I take notice of that which Is alive.

I have been judged by those whom have no morality, they speak words of Ignorance,

If I am lost In silence then I am called the bad mood, grouchy man, I am with peace.

We can all argue till the end of the world who has a harder time In life, yay!,

I work harder than you, my job Is more stressful, some make more money and pay the price.

I have a most difficult life In all that I see Is a hardship that only I can really understand,

They talk a good talk as my everyday Is nothing to them, they care nothing about my Pain.

My dreams are unreal to them, these dreams I dream are a reality they can’t see,

They don’t wear my shoes, they can’t walk my walk, they can’t win the battle I fight.

They don’t wear my shoes so their words of wisdom are of no use until they walk my road.

Keith Garrett