We dress them up, give them different facial expressions,

Eyes of fright, a mouth with sharp teeth that perhaps can chew.

A nose, many different shapes that possibly smell blood and fear,

“The pumpkins” we put them out on the porch, light them up with fire.

Leave them out at night in the cold, animals eat them in the dark,

They are destroyed by prowlers that walk in the night, a surprise this night.

They have had enough, you gave them a face, a personality, they have anger,

Tonight is their Halloween, after you go to bed they take over your lives.

They become you, in the morning you rest on the porch a pumpkin,

There faces are now yours, you now wear the expressions you gave them.

Keith Garrett


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I sit and wait for the clock to strike twelve,

So that i may leave this cage I’m trapped in.

Out into the night is where all hell lives in pain,

Escape do I from a place of my own torment to

Seek out what has destroyed my spirit and soul.

It’s out there somewhere hiding in the night,

This thing that haunts me hides in a dark, dark, world.

I await midnight for reasons not known in my mind,

To go out there and find this monster, this stalker

That makes not a sound, has no body, but hurts me

In many ways.

Why do i seek it out, this Invisible force,

It laughs at what it does, it finds me.

Keith Garrett

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Originally posted on keithgarrettpoetry:

Outside one Fall morning, a cool, breezy day, clouds drifting,

Working in the garden next to our bedroom window, i stopped.

My husband along with our son live here peacefully in this home,

Just now where i was planting noticed were a fresh set of footprints.

Boots of a large person, chills up my spine as there was somebody here,

The thought of sleeping in our bed and a stranger outside our window.

My husband didn’t think much of it saying that i was only paranoid,

I couldn’t stop thinking about it as i lay awake the next night looking at the window.

I checked that next morning, the footprints were gone, what happened to them,!

I walked around the yard, nothing, there under the kitchen window the same footprints.

The police, my husband, no one was listening to me, who was doing this to me!,

That night i went…

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