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Thinking about it as merely a wondering, curious thought,

My everyday and all that i do appears to be a life that’s true.

Whether your time here has been of happiness or just sad,

What if and just suppose that it wasn’t yours, wasn’t real.

All that you know and everything you have, are you dreaming,

What if as you are asleep your mind has made up and written a story.

Perhaps a lifetime, the friends, family members, that which you know to be,

Has no reality, that but a dream or to awake to a nightmare of screams.

Is my life a dream,? will i awake to find that nothing is as it seemed,

Reality is not what i have seen, for what appeared to be an eternity.

What if the life you believe to be is an accident, a long coma state,

Ask yourself, is my…

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He wanders the streets, a taste for food, a thirst for drink,

Cold to the bones, waiting for a warm place to sleep.

Asking for that which comforts his pain,

Pride and self respect are put aside.

A human being, a man with a story,

A beggar today without any glory,

Taking what he wants, no morals or remorse.

Criminal thoughts, a good man not,

Working for nothing, he does not care.

He steals anything, he has no heart,

A thief many times over, a quitter of sorts.

A beggar, a thief, so many differences of course.

Keith Garrett


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Here we are in the late afternoon, the sun going down,

I came by your house to say hello, it’s been some time.

I can’t believe it’s almost Summer can you,?

I see you still have that porch swing your dad put up.

How has everything been going for you since i’ve been gone,?

I’m glad, i can only stay for awhile, you do understand.

Remember the days when we would just talk and sit on your swing,

The weekends in the Summer sun, laughing and not a worry to be found.

We were just kids, young, times like those are memories of fun,

I could see your tears when i had to leave this place.

I’m in your hrart as you’ll forever be in mine,

Let’s just sit here for awhile until the sun fades,

I’ll never go away, remember two on a swing in those Summer…

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The devils eyes have a face that lies,

It smiles at you with promises so false.

Giving you gifts of sinful things,

Changing your appearance, a picture of greed and evil.

It taunts you into believing that bad is good,

Material belongings are most precious, love not kind.

Stand and be recognized, a face that lies,

Don’t stare in the eyes of what does not cry.

Accept not a wish, not a gift from a demon spirit,

Give not of yourself, in an instance he’ll own your soul.

A face that lies has many by his side,

They walk as you walk, do not be fooled, this is no heavenly stroll to the sky.

Keith Garrett



Once in awhile i travel back in time to a place i walked,

Through my time of youth where i played and ran wild.

I knew of her as a child back in the day of mischief,

Young and full of energy were we, never seemed to be tired.

The heat from the Summer sun wasn’t so harsh at that age,

Growing up in a town of many friends and memories so great.

We lived for the moment as many moments would pass by into the future,

How is it that the grandparents we once had we have now become.?

We changed and went our separate ways, finding our way in this strange world,

Becoming parents, having children and grandchildren as the cycle goes.

Full circle as today we find ourselves in the same place after a lifetime apart,

As long as we’re together nothing else matters, time comes when we need to

Just think of ourselves and let all others live and move along into their future.

As long as we’re together, everything will forever be better.

Keith Garrett


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Many things there are that possess strength and power,

I am the wind, I can travel further than most natural things.

Things of the earth, I am everywhere and always somewhere,

I can not be seen therefore you can not look at me, I am the wind.

I can find ways to break through and move around, I create sound,

Everyone knows of me, all things are touched by what I am.

There Is much proof of my existence as I can be gentle and quiet,

I can also destroy, be of much destruction and terror to a world.

I am the wind!, I find you, I too can not see you but I have the advantage,

I am of much more power as I do not ever get tired, I am the wind.

A name I have been given to show of my difference, You know me…

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I’ll be leaving In the morning at first daylight,

I’m going up to the mountain to breathe and think.

It’s time that I get away from here for awhile,

There Is a very special place that waits for me.

Very different from down below where so much tension lives,

On the mountain there exists a calming peace like no other.

Tonight I’ll make camp and spend time alone with nature,

Sitting by a warm fire eating fresh fish caught In the stream.

Being alone can be a bit frightening just as most peaceful,

A gun I do carry In case of sudden or nightly visitors.

A drink In hand and this much needed time up here on this land,

Tonight I sleep, In the morning I’ll slow down and see the world.

Keith Garrett




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