Think, use your mind and explore all there is to be,

Take yourself to places not in this world created.

Look, see with your eyes the beauty of this world,

Take in that which you never have before seen.

Listen, there is wisdom to be found from others,

Hear the sounds of peace, they are somewhere around.

Create, a lifetime is yours to figure it out, what can you do,?

Mold a better world, maybe a child into a great human being.

Cry, let the tears of joy and accomplishment run down your face,

See the tears of many years, tears of pain among the human race.

Observe, from all that you have witnessed of good and bad,

What would you change about the world, about yourself.

Stop, while you still have a chance do something for you,

Make a difference in your life and help someone else.
Keith Garrett



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She sits under a clear, starry night sky,

Praying to the night, wishing, just wishing.


Flowers all around this beauty of the night,


Long flowing hair with a body so nice, she.


She’s a dreamer, alone but peaceful, never lonely,


She’s a dreamer, happiness lives within this princess.

Keith Garrett

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See the children back in the day, at play,

Worries were few and friends we thought would never go away.

As we grow older some of that magic fades,

Young at heart is the one whom can remember yesterday.

The years go by and most of us change,

No idea that walking among us or passing by may be that

Childhood friend but we no longer see them.

At times they are missed, thought of in a special way,

If ever so lucky, again we may have a moment,

A day remembering with them our time of play.

Remember yesterday, in your heart, let it remain.

Keith Garrett



Jesus on one side and the devil on the other, they follow always,

I have walked a long road with a little sin, some kindness, and regret.

They are not seen with eyes of sight but you can feel them both testing,

I have walked the center of this road for much of my time, i see both sides.

The devil smiled whenever i did wrong, on the other side i saw jesus cry,

When no remorse was seen in my heart, the devil laughed, jesus never left.

My eyes could see the darkness as the devil walked on my left side wanting,

Turning to my right Jesus and his light never has given up on me, I still walk.

No longer do i walk the center of that long road as closer to the right I feel,

I reach for his hand but still fingertips away, the devil stands strong but i am stronger.

For all that i have done wrong i do live with but i ask forgiveness to those and to him,

As they both walk the road i walk where the light shines upon my soul.

Keith Garrett




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How beautiful a tree that stands what seems like forever,

Some are more than three hundred feet high touching the sky.


Can you just Imagine the time these trees have spent watching clouds pass by,

They have been standing strong while lifetimes have come and gone.

The mighty Sequoia, their Is one that lives for thirty five hundred years,

Imagine this, born to the world as It began Its growth before the life of Jesus Christ.

This mighty tree still stands two thousand years after the death of quite a man,

It Is the mighty Sequoia, King of trees, will stand forever as long as the earth will be.

Keith Garrett

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In the dark of night, a clear sky that showed stars of plenty,

I stood last night all alone with my thoughts and fears.

A beautiful, quiet, night with everything around In my sight,

Wondering, thinking about my tomorrow and what’s to come.

I looked far beyond the stars trying hard to see beyond the mystery,

It appeared that all out there was so still to my eyes but forever moving.

I stood last night watching time go by, examing what my life Is about,

Which part of the day might this be In my time, I’m sure It’s a bit past noon.

I stood last night wondering what kind of world I am living In as I age more,

There Is much angry energy around, Is love the greatest wonder of all.?

Keith Garrett


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It was so long ago back in time where as kids we roamed a place,

Yorba linda for us was a dream, a special town we never forget.

We saw each other at parties, we were a different kind of friend together,

We never found one another then as we have more than thirty years later.

I remember my sister Kathy saying you were on facebook as her friend,

I signed up for it as she suggested and I recall her telling you i was on face book.

Immediately we were friends, saying hello after such a long time was strange,

We began chatting very much in the morning before work and then at night.

You were in Indiana so i would rush home from work and get to my computer,

It would be close to nine there so i would just write Kim!!!, do you remember.?

At that time…

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