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They met before the beginning of world war two, a lifetime ago,

A young man and woman just starting out, war was coming.

He would enlist In the army and go away, would he survive to return,

Pearl harbor and many other places for a young man to see,

In another time beauty, death and destruction for a moment In time.

They would be forever as this young woman would follow her love

On his travels to many different places In this world.

After his time In a war never forgotten but wished to be forgot

They settled In a town called Monrovia In California for a life.

As they are now married for I believe sixty seven years and sit

Together each day with smiles always on their faces and much faith.

There was a time when once these two young people had hope for

The future…

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Will I leave behind material things,

What to others will this bring.

Will I leave behind a dollar or two,

Tell me just what this might do.

Will I leave behind my laughter and thoughts,

Listen and you shall hear, what have I taught.

What will I leave behind, something of value,

Will it be a part of me, a gift I leave to you.

Keith Garrett