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Lord, I know you’re there and I have many things to say and ask,

Believe do I In a force, a being with such great understanding and love.

I have never seen your face but you have before been part of my dreams,

I have thought of you many times during my life, what does your face look like.?

Remember the monster I told you about,? well It’s still there and visits often,

I don’t understand why when I asked you to make It go away that It didn’t.

I told you that you could have my legs, the ones I like using to walk everywhere,

The funny thing Is that since that time I do have less of the monster and one of

My leg Is now a bit disabled as you know, Is there a lesson here that you want me to learn.?

It appears that you…

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My mind is an island, many places to roam,

Different things that i see when i’m on my own.

If wander i do to far away,

Lost might i be in this land made for me.

See as i do and think as i may,

There are beautiful things in my thoughts everyday.

I can find my way back to where it is i should be,

If i’m looking the right way or a trail i might leave.

My island can be peaceful and sunny or stormy and dark,

I’d rather be happy and have my island be a walk in the park.

Keith Garrett

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On a hot, sunny, day travel through your neighborhood i do,

Driving my white truck blasting a tune, a quarter will get it for you.

The music is my warning, like a drug it turns children into addicts,

They run screaming across their yards, someone please give me some money.

Chase me they do, watch them run under the Summer sun,

Give up they will not, waiving treasure from their hands for a treat.

I am the ice cream man, listen to my music and for a price an ice cream in hand,

Snow cones, popsicles, fudge bars, and more, my little truck is an ice store,

Listen for the music, it will make your mind spin, i’m the ice cream man so dig in.

Keith Garrett

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In search of water, will i have to travel any further,

The Summer is quite hot and i am very thirsty.

For granted we have taken the rain that fills the lakes,

See the lakes as they sink lower, a hole in the ground one day.

The waterfalls so beautiful fall down with cool splashes we see,

Watch as they trickle, drying up, no more will they be but a dream.

Rivers and streams are places of beauty that never cease to be,

Take a look as before your eyes they slowly dry and go forever away.

May i have a drink of water,? will it ever again rain, what happend to the rain,?

If ever again a cloud in the sky, pray that drops of water don’t pass us by.

Keith Garrett

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A name called by another, not so nice, ignorant or mean,

To be made fun of by those whom have no place to speak.

Talked about behind your back is a most hurtful kind of thing,

By others who haven’t learned that they’re not better than me.

Family that becomes worse than any stranger whom would hurt,

Let go say friends and neighbors of that or those whom would bring me down.

What hurts the heart is love not shown by the ones who should love,

Backs turned by the people trusted most, let them go, let them go.

What hurts the heart are the lies, false smiles, and friends not friends,

What hurts the heart hurts, to be judged by the one who needs the mirror.

Keith Garrett

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The heat of Summer, deadly, hot, humidity,

What circumstances brought him here.

He battles the elements, seasos of four,

A meal this morning, fighting for more.

Rain or shine, through the Winter nights,

He seeks shelter, he sits in the park.

His life is lived day by day, no place to stay,

Under the stars is his view of the night.

On his own and what can this man call home,

Wherever he roams and stops is all he can claim.

He sits in the dark, he sits in the park,

At mornings light, beyond what is night.

He’s no less than what you see, who is he,

A man with no plan, living in this land.

Keith Garrett


Generations have passed, presidents as well as times have changed,

Hundreds of years It has been that my family has worked this land.

From the days of the revolutionary war when my great, great, grandfather

Fought along side many family, friends, and neighbors to be free.

Again In eighteen twelve my great grand father went to war for freedom,

My grandfather all the way down the line fought for the land we claimed and own.

The Civil War and every other war created for money or to take ownership of what Is wanted,

My family not only took part to defend this country and fight within It but we also fought

For what was and remains In our family, this Is my land and no person of power or not

Will ever approach and take with force this land without a fight, without gun In hand.

Keith Garrett