Trees of Winter, tall are they standing towards the sky,

Stripped of their leaves, naked in the breeze.

Around are few colors left from the fall, Winter is now,

Clouds of cold beyond the quiet trees are waiting to snow.

Still are these woods as Christmas is near, a sight of beauty,

Snow on the ground, a place to walk with a love, hand, in hand.

Dreams and wishes thought of, created from your passion for life,

Snow in the woods, nature surrounds your every step, it walks with you.

Keith Garrett


Cold weather is coming, Winter will be here,

The air is crisp, the holiday is near.

The mountains grow cold, there’s the sound of the wind,

A change of seasons, nature has not sinned.

There’s a special magic this time of year,

Folks starting to whisper, ST. Nicholas will be here.

There’s a feeling of Christmas coming to town,

It will show you a smile, it won’t let you down.

So now on this Christmas, sit back and reflect,

Who in your life has had an effect.?

Time to sleep, Santa is close, oh! so near,

Look out of the window to see if he’s here.

On this Christmas it snows through the night,

You awake in the morning to this special days light.

Keith Garrett


In this picture there’s something to see,

A horse and carriage taking people on a journey

Through the snowy streets.

There are people laughing, and celebrating it’s that time of year,

Children are running, and playing fore there’s music in the air.

Everyone’s thankful for family and friends,

They spend time together, dinner and fun.

Merry Christmas, and a happy New year,

To those whom are loved and too those who need love.


It’s time for hatred and evil to exit this world,

For mankind to come together, be a family, live as one.

War and greed must disappear into the land of nothing,

Crime and anger against one another let go of, blow away, leave with the wind.

Everyone’s on a fast pace, racing to the end of their lives,

Asking for the people of the earth to slow down,

Enjoy what’s in front of your eyes.

There is only one chance, there is only one life on this ground,

Each of us will one day go away to another life, this i pray.

It’s time to care and love the gift god from above has given,

This prayer for Christmas is for you as you keep on living.

Keith Garrett