May i be not always for you to see, if i should go away,

Do you think of me now or would i be remembered then.?

Today is a perfect day as the sun watches my traveled road,

My thoughts are many as the wind makes its journey around me.

What might change if tomorrow i say goodbye and disappear,

Each day will awake and each night will surely sleep, this without me.

Will you miss a poem or a smile meant only for you, a kiss once given,

If i leave here tomorrow will you seek me out, search this land.

Hand in hand would you walk along the oceans shore line,

Would you take me back to where your heart rests alone.?

Would you take hold, a woman such as you and not let me go,

If i leave here tomorrow then behind my heart would rest with you.

Keith Garrett


Watching the water as it flows down stream,

I walk its path on either side.

As the river turns swaying from side to side,

The rushing water crashes and throws itself at me,

As i make my way along.

On my journey past trees and hills,

Notice do i the bright sun and big white clouds passing me by.

Follow, follow the river on a course chosen by itself,

Onward, downward until such a place where the water lies still.

I follow the river to a resting spot, now it is time for this soul to sleep.

Keith Garrett