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When things get tough and the days seem much to long,

A step at a time and a deep breath is that which we do.

When the night comes and the day is at its end,

When there’s nothing you can do for the rest of this night,

You have to let all things be given to god so that you may rest.

A new day begins as it is hard, so difficult to show patience,

Feelings of helplessness, not having any control over the situation.

Perhaps it might even be that your life rests in anothers hands,

To wait, pacing day and night will do you no good, faith gives strength.

One day at a time in any situation is what each one of us has been granted,

Hard to relax and at times keep calm when you seek action now.

To be told to take it one…

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The story was from many years ago about a man called Dr. Doom,

He was a real doctor with a wife and regular, normal life.

The neighbors all liked him as well as his patients and co workers,

Yes! a strange name for a doctor, kind of freaky to some people.

This doctor had a secret fore unknown to all he was two men,

Dr. Doom was one and the other was a man of terrible doom.

Killing in the night as he would enter the hospital carefully then be gone,

During the day a normal man who cares for the needy, sick ones.

It was never known whom was doing the murders or that the evil one

Was right there in the neighborhood or simply among them walking

Around the office each day,

The last killing was October thirty first twenty years ago.

Dr. Doom and his wife had moved away, never seen again,

Until today when a couple moves into a house in a town far away.

Another October, Dr Doom has changed his name but not the doom

He has planned for this town on a different Fall day.

Keith Garrett


No memory have i of how this came to be,

Lost and alone, just me and the sea.

Day after day, across endless water,

Above only the sky and the seagulls that fly.

Get by do i with only little water and food,

Maybe a hope and a prayer that it may get me through.

In the distance perhaps a dolphin or whale,

My imagination is running wild.

Thinking of what’s below me scares me some,

Loneliness is worse fore nobody listens.

A dream am i having or my personal hell,

Until the end of this i’ll not be able to tell.

Up ahead, what is it that i see,

My hope and prayer is answered to me,

No longer will i be, adrift at sea.

Keith Garrett