He was my friend, he would always know when i was near,

My presence was felt by this dark haired boy, he would sound out.

Walking into his kingdom was such a pleasure of mine, he almost smiled,

Through the window his eyes would find me, waited he did for me to see.

An excitement for this beautiful friend when i showed up to visit,

The love in his eyes sparkled, he knew i understood, i loved him.

Outside we would play, running and throwing a ball or just sitting,

I miss him, i wonder if he could possibly remember anything at all.

To see him again, possibly one day, his name is Toby.

Keith Garrett


As i was walking, dark clouds with storm written in the sky lingered,

As i stared and wondered what it would be like to float in them.

I could almost see the wind blowing them across the world,

Pushing and shoving each one as their shapes changed with every second.

High above the earth where it is free, clouds of white, clouds of black,

Are a miracle of a thing together with all things for us to be.

When all seems hopeless and lost, when darkness appears forever to be,

Dreaming as i gaze to heaven, high above an opening does break through,

There’s a feeling, looking with my heart, through the clouds, I’ve seen love shine.

Keith Garrett


Morning as i open my sleepy eyes, the sun doesn’t shine,

A cool, breezy, Autumn day, the sky is heavy, snow on its way.

This is to be a most unusual morning as something special is to be,

On Thanksgiving day a visitor will make his way to this door.

It’s been felt through the night while i slept, not a dream to be,

A miracle? a feeling of a most special gift on this thankful day.

He’s coming, I thought of him all week, how will this man appear to me,

I’ve prayed and prayed that my wish for this day would be answered.

Is it possible that he can be as he once was when i sat on his lap as a child,

It’s about that time, there will be no knock, i will not see but he will be.

The wind is blowing all around, there will be no sound, the moment is now,

The door i open, you are here, on Thanksgiving day i feel you everywhere.

Keith Garrett