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Everything I’ve got, what’s inside of me strong,

Pours out with energy, stopped i can not be, give up i will not.

Stand and take notice as i conquer what invades my spirit,

Emotionally grow do i, strength and power absorbed within this soul.

Heart of the lion oh! i do possess, listen to me, hear me roar,

Weakness stares at me, such a pathetic coward it is, look away.

Fear and sorrow attack and intimidate who i am, rise up and fight!,

Walking away, turn and gaze over my shoulder leaving it behind.

Hear what this man has to say, do you know that which lives in me,?

I grow, and grow fore i have the heart and soul.

Keith Garrett



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Late eighteen hundreds in the North somewhere,

A young boy by the name of Solomon had a life.

From Virginia, Mississippi, his family traveled,

An older brother and of course a loving mother.

A father of no more but remembered and loved,

Together they worked a piece of land, all they had.

No longer slaves but yet enslaved in their world,

Solomon had a dream to learn and become something.

He ran away, saw the reality of what a brother had said,

He would have to go back home for now, work the field,

A boy by the name of Solomon still dreamed, grew to be.

Keith Garrett