What were your thoughts, was this your plan,

Did you not like me, what a horrible deed you did.

I did not know you so why this evil in your head,

I guess it did not matter because now I am dead.

When you killed me you made it final, took away my life,

Will they ever find me, you made them cry in the night.

More than selfish or mean, a monster that only some see,

It is already to late when they come to see your face,

When you killed me you became less a part of the human race.

Keith Garrett


My days were once of a childhood, free from worry,

That which appeared to be so devastating not quite the same.

I saw myself playing in the dirt, carefree times with you,

Beyond the streets from where we lived, an adventure gone.

Where went yesterday, it went far away from where we sit,

A thought of before comes from all that I have been and seen.

It never comes back but from within our minds, a place of our own,

A thought of before, before I was here, before tomorrow comes.

Keith Garrett