He’s been away for most of my life, I am now older than he,

I was only but a child before he went away, now for me more birthdays.

He lived with a name just as I walk this life with a name given to me,

Time does not stand still, a cycle of life as one day I will travel his way.

I am his son, he lives on In me, In my sons so shall I until all Is done,

I am his son, he played games with me, I was born with the rising sun.

When they ask about him or simply say your father I once knew,

I respond In such a manner, I am his son.

Keith Garrett



The devils eyes have a face that lies,

It smiles at you with promises so false.

Giving you gifts of sinful things,

Changing your appearance, a picture of greed and evil.

It taunts you into believing that bad is good,

Material belongings are most precious, love not kind.

Stand and be recognized, a face that lies,

Don’t stare in the eyes of what does not cry.

Accept not a wish, not a gift from a demon spirit,

Give not of yourself, in an instance he’ll own your soul.

A face that lies has many by his side,

They walk as you walk, do not be fooled, this is no heavenly stroll to the sky.

Keith Garrett



Watch the world as the pieces move neverending, the world turns,

We start from a beginning moving with a roll of the dice, a card chosen.

Does god watch as we play, is he in our every move,?

Round and round we go as this board game of life takes us away.

Is the game played right, do we understand the consequences of our choice,

Are we the players or are we being played, is there a point to the game.?

Could the game be everlasting or does it end in a moment for some,

Spin the wheel, flip a coin, take a chance and walk your own path.

Keith Garrett



A wise man puts aside his anger before he drifts off to sleep,

A thinker before an act brings much trouble Into his life.

A wise man never bows down to the pressure from his peers,

He must trust In his heart fore his actions are his to answer alone.

A wise man has angry thoughts that hold no consequences from Inside,

If at all they switch to violence then a wise man has no words to be listened to,

What does a wise man do,? He practices In that which he does In fact preach,

He Is not a hypocrite, he Is calm and speaks his words carefully, a wise man Indeed.

He knows that words of stupidity are not a problem behind closed doors,

What does a wise man do,? he thinks before he does anything at all.

Keith Garrett



Lord, I know you’re there and I have many things to say and ask,

Believe do I In a force, a being with such great understanding and love.

I have never seen your face but you have before been part of my dreams,

I have thought of you many times during my life, what does your face look like.?

Remember the monster I told you about,? well It’s still there and visits often,

I don’t understand why when I asked you to make It go away that It didn’t.

I told you that you could have my legs, the ones I like using to walk everywhere,

The funny thing Is that since that time I do have less of the monster and one of

My leg Is now a bit disabled as you know, Is there a lesson here that you want me to learn.?

It appears that you gave a little as you then took, compromise or be grateful for that

Which we do have, my faith In you still rests with me each day and night while I live.

I don’t care what people say or think but today I will tell you what I know just as you do,

In me lies the good, I do not or wish to hurt another human being with a raised fist.

Animals I choose not to harm just for the sake of hurting, my heart feels when tragedy strikes,

I hate this world of war so It Is that I do down and criticize the ways of this land and others.

There beats In me a heart that does care about the world and people, a man that will help those In need,

There also lives In me much anger for many reasons, anger that shows hate towards the human race.

Judged have I many out there In ways I never want to be judged, something In me that needs a change,

Lies have come from my lips enough times In my life just as I have taken that which Is not mine.

In a lifetime which I am still grateful for as It Is the greatest gift from god, I am at this time less than perfect,

Never In my lifetime will I reach perfection but knowing this Is where I will strive to be my best.

Will I still be welcome In heaven with all that you know and all that I confess on this once again day,

Will the door open for me, will you receive me as one of your children, thank you lord for listening.

Keith Garrett



Dressed up each day in what we are to where for the man,

For work not for play, everyday survival, an outfit, our costume.

A ritual practiced, obey fore to be compensated,

With the printed paper handed to us so that we are of worth.

We’re to let them pull our strings, dance and put on a certain face,

Puppets and clowns humiliating and a sad disgrace.

We’re to have no real thoughts of our own,

Speak so that they do not hear,

Put on an act for those whom are made up of power, false power.

Puppets and clowns, puppets and clowns, are we they,?

Turn it around, is the world upsidedown, we have no strings,

We dance for no one, only for fun.

Keith Garrett



There are those with looks of a fear unexplained,

Scared of something ,the world does not understand.

Laughing in the park, a man and woman,

Happy are their faces as seen from the street.

Crying all alone under a tree, tears of life,

Sadness spills out of a heart so broken.

Anger sits in the soul of a human being with hurt,

Upset at the loss of loves rejection.

Many faces of this life worn, expressions learned,

Expressions so true, those of me, those of you.

Keith Garrett