A traveling locomotive on a course bound for nowhere,

Never does it stop, a sound heard echoing in the night.

Where it started is a story unknown, where it’s headed, no ending be told,

Dark and quiet except for the whistling in the night and the rumbling train.

To look into the windows there’s not a thing, a person to see,

When again it comes back around then a closer peek there will be.

The dead train becomes its name, no way to stop it, why that name,?

It disappears and then it’s seen roaring down some railroad track.

Never a face, no one walking around, no engineer guiding this train,

The lights flash from the darkness when it sees me watching.

A first stop it will make since last years fatal day,

I’m taking a trip, my ticket in hand,

All aboard! yells the conductor, the dead train takes me away.

Keith Garrett


I lived lifetimes ago on farmland worked with hands, a man’s hands,

A family we were, my wife, children, and animals for pets, back in time.

Possibly i went by the name of Sam, a man of principles, of beliefs,

My children may have been raised to believe in the lord, to respect.

If a wife i did have then she might have been a beautiful woman,

She would have been a great cook and a fine and descent person.

Imagine there would have been much love in our home,

Working hard from sunrise till sunset would have been this family.

Friends and neighbors with names now vanished into a memory,

A town that may have existed but no longer alive, a long time ago.

I may have been known as Sam from a long time ago, maybe so,

Land i may have owned and worked my fingers to the bone.

It’s possible this man of beliefs had a family that he loved so much,

I could have had children of which grew up and had families too.

To a man named Sam who may have lived a long time ago,

Whom may have lived with a loving wife, children, and had

Many caring and good friends, if i had known you from a long time ago.

Keith Garrett


He’s coming back, each year during the Fall he awakens,

Travels here from some place far away, a demon is he.

Wings spread wide from side to side, feet and hands like claws,

A face of fear, eyes wide open and bright red, teeth ready to eat.

He wears a disguise of black coat and a hat that covers his face,

Silent through the night, he lives in the corn field, he waits.

Watches in silence, those bright red eyes moving from side to side,

Tonight there are two who wander through the corn field for home,

They see a scarecrow, curious as they approach this strange sight.

Horror on their faces, through their hearts and minds fear races,

His hat is raised and his face shown to them, hands and feet exposed.

Try to run do these two, he swoops upon them flying high into the night,

Wings spread wide, with his prey disappears, back by mornings light.

Keith Garrett


The story goes as told , there was a girl lost as she was being chased,

He was following her, fast enough but close behind he did follow.

Where she was, why he was after her does not really matter,

Not known if in fact he knows her or just another violent stalker.

It was never even told who she was but she was scared and alone,

Hiding in the woods from a stranger with no help in sight for her.

Nobody knew she was there, only that she was missing for a day,

He was somewhere out there in the woods, hiding but watching.

Further into the woods she moved along wondering if her life was done,

It was getting cold as the light of day was disappearing into night.

Hiding in the woods was this unknown horrible man with no conscience,

Why won’t he leave her alone, terrified was this girl running beyond daylight.

Never did anyone find out who he was but no one ever saw her again.

Keith Garrett