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Welcome to my world, a world of make believe and much fantasy,

A place where there is no law just as there is no war or crime.

Everything here holds only beautiful things and magic dreams,

No trash upon this ground, not a dirty or angry word makes a sound.

Drinks are everywhere, anytime without trouble if you might care,

Gamble all night if indeed it is games for money you desire.

For woman or man love is always here, whatever you choose,

Remember that all is possible because in a land where you

Can have anything desired law and crime exist elsewhere.

Are you of hunger, you’re in luck fore on every corner a table

Of your greatest, wanting, desired taste awaits in a feast.

Enter my world of fantasy where pain and suffering cease to be,

There are no rulers of crowns whom wear masks to hide…

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My mother sent me here to live for the Fall with my Aunt Louise,

I do not know her very well but she was always strange and mysterious.

Blind since i was about five years old i can’t recall what she looks like,

A huge castle of stone, in our family for centuries through times of war.

Old England, now surrounded by many new things of the modern age,

In this castle are antiques from a different time in this world, old weapons.

Dungeons and secret rooms are here, stories told to me by my grandfather,

Very quiet here as i spend my time listening to the wind and leaves falling.

Off to bed, upstairs where the walls are thick with tales from the past,

Tonight will be dark but for me every night holds darkness as i am blind.

Awaken do i to some Eerie sounds from within the walls, moaning, groaning,

I call for my aunt but not a response, my heart pounds, nervous am i.

Then again, more sounds are heard, whispering words into my sightless night,

I’m afraid! so very scared as now the sound of footsteps seem to be closer, i can’t see.

Who are you! i can’t see as the touch of something is upon me, i never had a chance to see.

Keith Garrett


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Keith Garrett

Where he comes from nobody knows, he does live,

A myth, a fable, only a child believes, one whom has seen.

Along the river bank of a small Eastern town in Maine,

A place of play for a boy named Luke, this is no dream.

Many fantastic tales he does tell, who will listen this time,?

Described to others as a type of elf, an ugly troll.

Many late afternoons is when Luke visits the river,

Today it is a bit windy, he will appear once more.

He speaks to Luke in whispers, I am Porfinifigus,

I am created from your thoughts and fear.

Why do you find me here each day, are you real,?

I told you that i live in you, you gave me a name.

There are wishes that you ask for, i can hear you,

With every wish there comes a curse.

I have…

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