When she’s not there i sit quietly alone in my chair,

A drink in my hand, roaming around my home.

Turn the t.v. on, nothin’ much to watch,

Open the refrigerator door, stare a little more.

Dishes in the sink, wash em’ while i think,

Go n’ take a shower, soap and a little water.

When she’s not there, i think i can hear her everywhere,

Talkin’  on the phone, singin’ a country song.

Whistlin’ for the birds, sayin’  a bunch of words,

When she’s not there, I work in the yard,

I sometimes look around, she’s nowhere to be found.

I put the laundry in, the sun is slowly goin’ down,

She usually makes me a drink, my woman’s nowhere around.

It’s gettin’ kind of late, no dinner on the stove,

I don’t appreciate when she is not at home.

When it’s time for bed, when she’s not there,

I sleep all alone, where did that woman go.

Keith Garrett


6 thoughts on “WHEN SHE’S NOT THERE

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my poem Winter Trees today.
    I just read a poem of yours and I like it.
    I call my writings “prosetry” because they were never meant to rhyme.

  2. Great poetry
    Did I already tell you this but I nominated you for blogging recognition award right now I’m on my phone so I can’t paste the URL but you can always write me back and I can give it to you later or you can just look on my site if you like you’ll see it you didn’t your name is there on the list of other bloggers.

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