Dreaming gives you all the possibilities and magic to be,

There are times when waking is a blessing that it’s not real.

At times please let me stay asleep, wishing this isn’t a dream,

There are those with places of darkness as well as pleasant beauty.

When i’m dreaming i see money, green bills floating down a street,

Sometimes it is that i can fly all around, jump high and over things.

The past is shown to me, see do i my childhood but only in a dream,

In a dreaming world most things are distorted, no sense does it make.

Sometimes things are clear, at times they wear no face, not sure where i stand,

Everything in an instance turns to black, windy, and alone somewhere unknown.

When i’m dreaming the scenes get so mixed up, from one place to another, no understanding,

The land of dreams is a mystery to all whom have ever seen, a place we all do go.

A day will come when the dream is real, the perpetual heavenly dream.

Keith Garrett


13 thoughts on “WHEN I’M DREAMING

  1. Dreaming…the one thing which I am not good at. But last night, it was the first time I dreamed of something/someone that I want to dream. This poem is so apt Keith, right now it’s still strange and weird for me dreaming my dream. 🙂 Nice write!

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