Nineteen sixty two is when my life began,

Born in the Winter in a snowy Eastern land.

Amesbury, Massachusetts so far from where i am,

The past comes to visit me, memories of a man.

A mother, a father, one still lives on,

Father of a child went away while i was young.

I think of a home, a place in the snow,

Icicles hanging from the roof, a snowman standing tall.

Batman, on a small bike i did ride,

Snow covered branches, lightening in the sky.

Building blocks of many shapes and colors,

A monsters head rests on my dresser, Herman was his name.

Names i remember, where are they now,

A best friend by th e name of Proventure, Donnie it was you.

Bonnie was his sister, Hamilton’s I recall,

Two brothers, Johnny and Jimmy, a sister i now know.

A hill by the name of poe or pole, a dream in the snow,

Grapes on the vines, tree branches below,

My hometown of Amesbury, so long ago.

Keith Garrett


9 thoughts on “HOMETOWN

  1. Beautiful reflections of Home, Keith! Funny the things we remember from home… I’ve returned to my hometown after many years away… somethings have changed drastically, but others have remained the same… thank you for this!

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