I could feel the nervousness, the nausea in my stomach,

It was so real as i could first see my favorite singer before me.

The crowd was roaring as i found myself up there on the stage,

In my sleep i could hear tender years, where was i at this time.?

Friends and family were there but it was so dark, no faces to be,

All were watching as now there appeared a band, i was to sing and play.

This was my big chance but i could not sing or play this guitar in my hands,

Eyes were on me, now the invisible crowd was everywhere, i was there.

The dark side, Johnny B. Goode was being sung with guitar as i watched,

Within a moment it was i who was playing that guitar and singing with another.

I had a dream last night, was it real, no but the experience was there when i awoke.

Keith Garrett


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