Time to let go of certain things, days past,

People I thought were my friends, ends.

Life does change, unexpected adventures,

A new day comes my way, a road of surprises.

Relief is at this moment a friend indeed to me,

Scary is change, where do I go from here I say,

A new day today, what is gone is no more, I am on my way.

Keith Garrett

9 thoughts on “A NEW TODAY

  1. The love can not exist together with enourmous fear. There was a movie with Kim Basendger “91/2 weeks ” . The same case . My english was not in good level to understand everything what you wrote in another blog.

    You scared me to the death and confused me much more. But thanks for everything ! I was in mistakes, I am seing one very smart, very talantied and good person here. I was here all the time …you said “Goodbye”a long time ago and came back ….I thought only for something small. Yes. I am the worst …if you say that.

  2. mY MOTHER IS DYING , MY BEST FRIEND ALREADY THE WHOLE YEAR…the same ( now is very , ery bad) I will stay with my parents this Summer to help them. I have people who approve me, and who do not. I am not perfect, but I will try to change a lot of things. Hope to meet you in another life there up ….

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