She could do such unusual things without much thought,

Out of bottle caps, she could make a crazy hat.

She could jump really high, almost fly,

Close her eyes and make an apple pie.

She could walk backwards while tying her shoes,

Dance around a pool while reading a book.

She could play the harp without her hands,

Tell you the time in just about any land.

She could watch a movie without a sound,

Recite every line while spinning around.

Aunt Penelope was a strange one indeed,

At the age of one hundred and fifty – three,

Old aunt Penelope is still but a fantasy.

Keith Garrett


9 thoughts on “AUNT PENELOPE

  1. Serrano de Bergerac
    Writes his poetry track, track
    Evening time behind a tree
    Waiting he for Mrs. Vie

    After three weeks and more
    Tired and completely bored
    Found another guitarist
    Perfect quality artist 🙂

    No regret this trumpet player
    He for everybody cares

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