They fired their guns, cannonballs Into the air,

Listen for the sound under the smoke filled skies, beneath the setting sun.

Stand and fight! see as they march through a battlefield of endless, dying, fright.

The enemy Is among us, they’ve come to take this land,

Across the sea, they traveled to take all that we have.

Children learn fast, boys become men overnight,

Arm yourself with a weapon, blood covers the land,

Freedom Is the Issue at hand.

Day, by day, seasons will change,

Beyond the snow covered Winters,

The heated Summer, we’ll still stand.

They to came to fight, we’re ready to conquer,

Echoes of our fight ring loud Into the fiery lit up skies by night.

A revolution, we stand united as loved ones die,

Our home will not be sacrificed, we’ll give our lives,

We will not be defeated, many will die,

Listen to the cries In the night.

Keith Garrett


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