From Freehold, New Jersey he was born,

A small town lost in time, it will always live in his mind.

He goes back there at times not to forget,

A place that molded what he is,

One day too be one of the best.

As a boy he grew up near the Jersey shore, with dreams of the future,

Music is the energy he would live for.

With emotion each word cries from his soul,

Feelings live on from a boy long ago.

There’s a love and passion in the eyes of this poet,

As he tells his story, in the song one will know it.

Hear as his voice talks to you,

The experience of pain and happiness too.

A guitar that’s been taught to speak in tune,

A man that shares what’s in his thoughts with you.

For most of his life to the world he’s given,

The gift of music that keeps on living.

He watches to see the way that it makes you feel,

As he stomps and dances to a sound that is real.

There’s no one like him, he’s one of a kind,

A show full of power, in the end a memory so fine.

From the sound of his music and the songs that he sings,

It’s the joy and happiness to the fans that he brings.

His name is Bruce Springsteen, know it well,

They call him the boss, another story to tell.

Keith Garrett


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