He was born in Newbury port, Massachusetts on April 11, 1932.

His father’s name was Leon U. Garrett, mother Helen A. Garrett.

He was a machinist by trade and a very good painter and carpenter.

He wrote poetry, that which you read in here was about a woman

by the name of Dolores. He could not in the end be with her, it broke his heart.

He had a brother Ernie, Teddy, sisters Alice and Barbara.

Our father had a life before we had the great privilege of knowing him.

He was in the boy scouts as a young man, childish adventures of long ago.

He had dreams just as any young boy did, one day he would travel the world, he did,

He joined the navy on April 13, 1949, took his physical on April 20, 1949.

He was sworn in July 18, 1949 then off to boot camp July 19, 1949.

Norfolk, Virginia October 28, 1949. from there he started his voyages to everywhere.

An arctic cruise on October 31, 1949, a Mediterranean cruise January 6, 1950.

He traveled to places such as Gibraltar, Augusta, Sicily, Italy, Tripoli, and Beirut.

Sailed the oceans to Istanbul, Athens, Greece, and france just to name a few.

He was a Navy man, a father, He loved to grow vegetables and he loved his family.

You are remembered always dear father by your children and family, In loving memory.

Keith Garrett


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