think of him, remembering as if it were yesterday,

Sitting on his lap, a walk holding hands, a hug.

I can make it up, possibly in a dream if so lucky,

To ease the pain, go back or maybe he would show.

If I only could have him here for a day, we could talk,

Play catch in the yard or park, seven just one more time.

Saying hello dad would be a gift so fine, a moment for us,

A dream so good, if I only could.

Keith Garrett


6 thoughts on “IF I ONLY COULD

  1. “If only” leaves an everlasting hole in our cores for things we couldn’t accomplish when we had time. Life has its own bitter sweet instants that can either dig this hole deeper or fill in beautifully. I totally relate to this poem, sorrows swathed beautifully with comforting words. Thank you.

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