Suddenly in just an instance you were there,

I do not know you, you are everywhere.

You appeared wiith a name, it does not say from where you came,

A smile of mystery, a face never before seen.

I have a name, it does not speak of who i am,

A mask is worn, that i might not be hurt.

Many thoughts and fears live within my spirit,

I’ve been everywhere if nowhere.

I hide and run to keep myself from harm,

There are faces i wear, faces of change.

Do you know me at all, more than yesterday,

I speak from the heart, there is no shame.

Keith Garrett


One thought on “DO YOU KNOW ME

  1. Hi, Keith! There is a typo in the third sentence from the last. #Their
    I liked the poem. I feel misrepresented by this body and mask I have. I would feel that way with any other, though. Maybe!

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