Not only do we pay to live In every way but also with what we say,

To eat, have water, we must pay with a coin, a dollar hard earned.

The air we breathe, even dirt has a price on It, once something free,

Today, the time has come when nothing Is free, greed, pay or have nothing.

Love has Its own special price, much work and sacrifice Is most needed,

It too can be lost If not a daily concern, friendship has value, don’t take for granted.

When doing the right thing then there Is also a price to be paid In another way,

Standing up for that which we believe In, too speaking out loud has a big price.

Marching against, protesting, going against the law, right or wrong has Its price,

Everything comes with a price, growing old If ever so lucky comes with a trade,

One day we give our lives to god, the thanks for a life, with our souls we pay.

Keith Garrett


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