Like a psychological and physical chess game they will play,

Mind games, to get inside an opponents head is a goal.

Two teams have survived a war of many with strength and power,

They have traveled to many distant lands to fight for the right

To meet here in a neutral zone and settle a question of whom will be champion.

The crown sets in the end zone where they’ll have to suffer much pain

And sweat to take possession and be crowned Kings of a victory hard fought.

This is a battle among men as they march yard by painful yard down the field,

They’ll taunt and push their way closer to a treasured goal line.

Their captains will loudly give signals as these warriors make strategic moves,

Their energy and wills, mistakes of few are what will get them through it all.

Names of their armies, the New England Patriots, ready and able to match the enemy,

The Atlanta Falcons will travel the distance and meet them on a distant battlefield,

This will be a battle among men, may the better team on this remembered Sunday, win.

Keith Garrett


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