I haven’t seen him for a while, haven’t thought of him till now,

He would visit my dreams late Into the night, he stood outside.

I was alone In the house, the darkness was with me each time he came,

He knew that I was there just as I knew him, peek out the window I would.

When he visits my dreams I see him standing out In the dark, just standing,

He wears a robe of black with a hood so you can’t see his face, he’s In the wind,

There Is no one else around, always alone am I when he visits my dreams.

Why Is It so quiet, dark, and seems as If the world holds not another soul,?

This which I write Is a dream that on occasion does really visit me.

I wonder who he Is and where he Is, I’m glad he hasn’t been back,

Was there a reason for his visits, has he gone away so that I may dream In peace.

Keith Garrett


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