I walk fore It Is that I can not drive, I make my way to where I go,

Shopping Is a chore but I do It on foot and carry many bags home.

I have to do It In the rain, heat, but I see things that they don’t notice,

With my headphones singing to me I take notice of that which Is alive.

I have been judged by those whom have no morality, they speak words of Ignorance,

If I am lost In silence then I am called the bad mood, grouchy man, I am with peace.

We can all argue till the end of the world who has a harder time In life, yay!,

I work harder than you, my job Is more stressful, some make more money and pay the price.

I have a most difficult life In all that I see Is a hardship that only I can really understand,

They talk a good talk as my everyday Is nothing to them, they care nothing about my Pain.

My dreams are unreal to them, these dreams I dream are a reality they can’t see,

They don’t wear my shoes, they can’t walk my walk, they can’t win the battle I fight.

They don’t wear my shoes so their words of wisdom are of no use until they walk my road.

Keith Garrett


6 thoughts on “THEY DON’T WEAR MY SHOES

  1. Nobody wear nobody’s shoes. Our thoughts are reflection of our life. But only few people in our close circle know we sacrifice ourself for the goodness of those who love…Vera Jackson exist ?

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