There appears to be two sides to our mysterious existence,

We can believe the devil exists but I believe and have faith In god.

There are those whom are of evil, those whom are of much good,

Throughout time many have cried, shed tears over experiences In their time.

Tears of happiness walking down the Aisle, a first born child.

A graduating son, that first grandchild who Is loved so much,

Happiness within yourself and happiness for others may bring tears.

The death of a loved one, a friend will bring tears of plenty, loss In one’s life,

Bombs bursting across many saddened lands, starving children with no chance.

Killing of Innocent animals, homeless souls wandering since It all began,

Trail of tears run for the destruction of Civilizations from lifetimes ago.

Horrifying, needless, slaughter of people because they are different,

The good and bad, happy and sad bring to us our trail of tears.

Keith Garrett


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