To go outside day or night and see the sunlight, darkness so right,

Coffee in the morning in the chill as the sun rises in the sky.

Tossing pieces of bread as the birds are waking to breakfast,

Listen as the Scrubjays and Squirrels are telling you they’re on their way.

The peanuts are a tasty treat as they hurry to stock up for the Winter,

There is a slight breeze as all awaken in this part of the world.

Thinking about life and the day’s plan to move further ahead,

From my bench the trees dropping their leaves, seasons of change.

Later in the evening a drink in my hand, the day moving further

Behind into what will become my yesterday, the sun goes away,

A coolness in the air as the moon is full and bright, see the night.

From my bench there’s a calmness, a peaceful scene of the world,

A way to take a break from a stressful reality, possibly a dreamed up fantasy.

Keith Garrett


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