We were children, we would wake to the morning not wanting to rise,

Climb from our beds to the sound of parents yelling out, get ready for school!

Starting out young walking off to school, messing around along the way,

A few lessons to be learned, recess was always the sound forever heard.

When the day was done we walked home together as friends of youth,

Problems were few but to all of us it was the end of our world.

We didn’t always as kids appreciate those things that we were given,

Now we are older than they were with children of our own grown.

What happened to yesterday when Basketball after school with a friend

Was a time that we thought for us could never end, memories of them.

Weekends and Summers swimming, sometimes just doing nothing,

There’s a reason we can’t go back, a world to be discovered, there is a

Gift we are given to hold those thoughts as videos, pictures in our mind.

What happened to yesterday when we as children of innocence went away,

Today we are still us, kids of past days, older now in many different ways.

I heard that a child, a friend from yesterday has gone away, in heaven he’ll stay.

Keith Garrett
For you George Morgan



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