What were you thinking on this night, were you thinking,

You were a gift given as you were given a gift, did you see.

You were a special man who did indeed give this gift back,

God sent you here for a purpose, did you not wish to stay.?

Did you not think that life was worth living as you planned your day,

Did you think about your wife and daughter crying forever sir.

What were your thoughts as you felt sadness and wanted to go away,

You were to never again see those friends whom loved you so dear Robin.

There were no goodbyes as you were about to give back your life,

I mean no disrespect but you made people laugh as you were not laughing.

Your final performance, this one man show as you were the master,

You needed no practice, no rehearsal, no retakes, you were the star.

The lights were shining upon you, you received the Oscar on this night,

You were perfect on this night as the lights went out, the curtain closed.

Good night MR. Robin Williams, your final scene, I didn’t like the ending.

Keith Garrett


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