When I was just a little boy you held me in your arms,

You made me feel safe, I never felt like I was alone.

We watched a T.V. show, took a ride down the street,

You took me by the hand, together we walked through the park.

You taught me to ride a bike, let me know what was wrong from right,

Spanked me when I was bad, I saw that tear running from your eye.

You were my only dad, you died and made me mad, cause’ I miss you,

I remember when you smiled, a little angry for a while, I miss you.

Cause’ I miss you, I changed in such a way, playing was never the same,

Voyage to the bottom of the sea, a beer, and a kiss for me, “dad” I miss you,

I never felt that right any October night, “Dad” Cause’ I miss you.

Keith Garrett


One thought on “CAUSE’ I MISS YOU

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