Here is my house built for this world today,

There is a gate so that you can’t get through,

If not invited there will be guns waiting for you.

Two dogs growling, mean as could ever be,

An alarm system that calls on those who will hurt you indeed.

Doors of steel that should let not a criminal soul get in,

Supplies for survival if this land must come to this.

Here is my house, not one of dreams but of safety,

Not the way our country should be, here is my house the way I see.

Keith Garrett


11 thoughts on “HERE IS MY HOUSE

  1. I can see that you are seeking safety from the dangerous world. It’s good to put a safety net for your self-protection. I can understand your feelings of those who tend to enter into others’ boundaries without permission and invitation.

    Hope everything is safe for you.

  2. Those blessed with a fat kitchen should build longer dining tables not higher walls. This way we can turn some of the hungry thieves trying to get in into civil people.

    Just saying. Lol… Not that i have any idea what you are talking about.

  3. Sounds like you’ve been painfully let down by the good lurking somewhere in most people. Can only offer a personal view, Time’s a healer? Build a strong and sturdy wall /Tamp down that mound of dirt / Keep a wary eye on one’n’ all / .You’ll keep out both joy and hurt.

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