Live and breathe as human beings, we do,

Amongst ourselves we fight and hate, we do.

We are friends and enemies of one another,

Take sides against those we do not know.

Gossip is the beginning of many a struggle,

Anger and resentment to a fellow brother.

We criticize those whom do things a different way,

They make mistakes, are we not the same?

All are equal but none are treated this way,

None are of perfection but not even power can take your sins away.

We hold onto a grudge, it will eat at your soul,

Opinions and feelings will turn the heart cold.

There was a time when this country stood together as one,

Today many act as one, divided.

The world needs to stand together as we all live in it,

Unless we are of an evil mind then we are no better or worse than any man.

Keith Garrett


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