In seventeen seventy six we took our stand, to fight a tyrant far away,

We were slaves, If we did not pay then they would take.

By the name of King George, he ruled from across the sea,

When we decided there would be no more,

He sent an army of ships to Invade our shores.

Cannonballs Into the air, gunfire and killing everywhere,

The sky lit up throughout the nights.

A smell of gunpowder, we did not run from the fight,

Swords raised from the redcoats hands.

Some of us would die, many would pay the price,

Proud to take that stand, once upon a time.

We pushed them back, these Invaders from a foreign land,

They turned and ran back home to a ruler far from here.

Our flag was raised, we were free,

They would come again but we would bring them to their knees.

Keith Garrett


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