The revolutionary war began In seventeen seventy five, many would die,

In seventeen seventy six they would declare war and Independence against the British empire.

From Delaware to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts Bay,

Maryland, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Providence plan,

They stood together as one to have an American land.

General George Washington led this battle to be free,

Ships Invaded the bays, Cannon fire echoed like drum beats Into many life giving nights.

The sound of a death march across the open land,

Many a man would fall to the ground and never again stand.

Hand to hand they would take their stand,

Waiving a new flag of colors, gunpowder scent filled the land.

Two hundred and forty one years ago there was war on our land,

Independence was declared, sacrifice of blood stained the hand.

On the fourth of July remember the thousands whom had died,

The war ended In seventeen eighty three, listen to the wind, hear their cries.

Keith Garrett


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