At the mercy of a tyrants throne,

From far away, across the sea, they owned our homes.

A decision was made to take a stand,

No more would they be In charge of this land.

Ships sailed by night and by day, they would come,

Freedom Is not free, red, white, and blue.

Dragoons, red coats, approached the shore,

Cannons firing, bombs and gunfire lit up the nights.

Face to face marching across the land, enemy at hand,

Fallen soldiers, blood of men soaked our land.

Watching from their homes was not such a pretty sight,

Death came to visit, something of an endless fight.

For the fathers and sons whom fought side by side,

A flag of freedom was raised, united In a revolutionary time.

Many died but did not die In vain,

They live on each day the stars and stripes are waved.

Keith Garrett


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