Never a picture of god, thoughts of a face like ours,

As a child, as children did we wonder or believe more,

The Innocence of a young mind holds fantasies of many.

Playing in a kingdom just as a child plays in the park,

Could this place be for a mysterious boys amusement or not?

Might God be a child, Is this why we grow old and die,

Possibly a magnificent little boy who created it all.

When there was nothing was there a who to think there could be something,

Might God be a child? If so then how might this soul have been created,

How did we go from nothing to something, was God born from nothing?

Keith Garrett


10 thoughts on “MIGHT GOD BE A CHILD?

  1. I always said that life is like a kaleidoscope. When We Are Young naive and very impressionable all we see are the beautiful colors. As we get older and reality sets in the beautiful colors give very distorted.
    It is called reality

  2. These are the things I fell asleep wondering about as a child myself. I was fascinated by the notion of eternity – no beginning and no end – and I still am!
    Timelessness is a world we step into when we are creating. Thanks for visiting my blog today at Scandalous-Recollections.

  3. In our lifetime we are exposed to many concepts. I believe I am still a child, but with a fragile outer shell. when will I ever learn how to get along with my sisters and brothers? Do I have eternity to solve questions or is my eternity smaller? mathematically, eternities come in different sizes. you have me thinking.

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