I am here, always I am here though you do not see,

With you I stay, accompany you each and everyday.

You go nowhere without me, we are one,

I feel as you feel, I am here.

I am here when the day is done,

I am with you with the rising sun.

Your pain or sorrow, laughter or happiness,

It is shared between us, one day we will part.

I can not be seen, within you I dwell,

I am who you are, mind, spirit, and soul.

Keith Garrett


He’s been away for most of my life, I am now older than he,

I was only but a child before he went away, now for me more birthdays.

He lived with a name just as I walk this life with a name given to me,

Time does not stand still, a cycle of life as one day I will travel his way.

I am his son, he lives on In me, In my sons so shall I until all Is done,

I am his son, he played games with me, I was born with the rising sun.

When they ask about him or simply say your father I once knew,

I respond In such a manner, I am his son.

Keith Garrett



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