Listen as I’ve been working on a dream,

Life Itself is great and a beautiful gift.

Searching always for a paradise wanted,

With every wish there is the price you pay.

The promised land is somewhere out there,

My beautiful reward will be this someday.

A real man will find out and understand what love can do,

There is a certain magic to it, surprise, surprise.

There was a wreck on the highway,

Out of this stolen car appeared a man who walked

Into the fire to save a red headed woman.

I got in my car and drove to find my lucky town,

I’m going down to see the last carnival of the year there.

I arrived to find my city in ruins, I saw the last to die,

He yelled, I’m on fire! I asked God to please lift me up.

My car was gone, It would be a long walk home,

A man walked along with me and said if I should fall behind,

Wait for me.

As I was still walking, I asked the spirit in the night to watch over me,

In the darkness I saw a person shot point blank.

I ran, I was chased, I shouted! there would be no surrender to you,

The rain was falling, I was waitin’ on a sunny day,

Dreaming of a girl in a tunnel of love,

By the way, who was Mrs. McGrath?

Keith Garrett



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