I have a name, it tells no meaning of what’s inside,

I am not a rich man but hidden treasures to be found.

When I love it is that my love is true, I now love,

Wander I do not from another’s heart, faithfully.

When it is that I’m angry then it is that i’m sad,

Patience has been discovered, not a patient man.

A thinker am I of many things,dreams fill my heart,

When I give my heart then to the given must be a precious gift.

Jealousy is an unseen monster that teases my soul,

It holds no worth, Imagination of the mind, my fears.

Trust is a much needed part of my life, I must trust,

Therefore the need for trust is needed, trust in me.

I will give all that’s in me if in return I am allowed to give,

About me, I give to you my heart, I share with you my life.

Keith Garrett


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