There are things I want back, that which has been taken from me,

Some can never be found again as the others are always within my grasp.

I been working real hard trying to rid the anger that does live Inside my soul,

Gone are things In a life that were beautiful and are a memory never let go.

The youth that once was known Is now living In the next generation of man,

I do keep hold of the energy that does not yet die, youth still lives Inside.

I have been broken In many ways, physically and emotionally but I fight the fight,

I been working real hard to get back the once powerful walk, the strength to lift.

Everyday the will to stand up and take control, do what must be done to overcome,

I been working real hard to be a better me, ways that must be changed, always working.

Keith Garrett


25 thoughts on “I BEEN WORKING REAL HARD

  1. This is really a great post! Love the line – “I been working real hard to be a better me”. I try that too but you are right – it’s hard! Ha!

    Thanks so much for following my blog. I will be looking forward to your new posts also!

      • IF they harass or tease, then you are wise to stay away from them. On the other hand you would benefit if you could learn how to let them know their teasing doesn’t bother you, that they don’t bother you., Build a protective shield (not a literal one) that allows you to know they are creeps. If they speak either ignore or say “How’er you doing. Thanks for asking and then leave, Keep a straight face don’t let them think you’re being smart, just answering a question. Practice on this method. If you mean that there are different people who don’t deserve to be trusted. But there is God we must trust and some people to trust and others as you mentioned to stay away from. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Believe me He is the source of strength and comfort. Write if it helps. I’m not a regular counselor but have had a lot of experience doing it. My oldest grandson had similar problems .

      • I’m just talking about trust, I don’t let anyone bother me, I am not like that. I have much to say back. I don’t put up with people.

        On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 7:31 PM, keithgarrettpoetry wrote:


      • Keith you would help yourself if you could change and follow what I suggested. You would experience more happiness if you would learn how to handle these people instead of going along with them in the way they treat you. I want you to know I’m am hoping you will seek a better attitude toward life that can still be satisfying for you instead of cut off from others.Please! Not for me, for you.

      • I’m glad to hear that, but there is room for improvement. Start liking people and see if it doesn’t make a difference. We all have our problems and yours happened at an early age. All the more reason to know people and get acquainted and reach out to them in the course of learning their difficulties. I’ve had heart trouble from the day I was born with three heart surgeries…open heart first and then three ablations, the first didn’t work, the second did, but the back of my esophagus was burned and I have spasms of coughing. I would up on oxygen 24/7,I have arthritis, am a writer and can hardly find the keys anymore, I have difficulty walking as my feet are terrible and I have to use a cane and carry the oxygen thing and use another instrument to breath at night in addition to the oxygen treatment is called C-pap, so I have two tools keeping me alive at night. Is it easy? Definitely not. But Ive learned how to live with it, and I try to smile and know that I am much better off than a lot of people. It is an attitude and I want you to have it. You can get there if if want to. You have the perseverance if you will only get the desire. I forgot about as much still that is wrong with me as I told you. I should be gone already, but my reaction to that is that I’m still alive because He still has something for me to do. Find yours, Keith. By the way, I have worn our two pacemakers and had to go every week for blood checks. Perk up, please for those who care for you. Get your mind off of what is wrong and focus on what you can do, how you can help others, the list is endless and I assure you you will be happier and your poetry will improve and you may wind up being a famous poet. Start living!

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