Down on the lake lives a very unusual little old man,

He lives in his little house that sits near the water.

He possesses a strange power and a hobby,

Dolls are his passion as he makes them every year for Halloween.

He chooses the faces of those that live here and of those whom might pass on through,

He seems friendly enough as he works around his little house,

Goes into town with a smile and a hello.

He’s not known very well but he likes it that way,

There’s something hidden behind this little old mans show of pleasantry,

Evil and black magic are a game for him.

One night a year these little dolls with faces of many live,

They walk the night, these monsters of doom.

They hunt for the one whose face they now wear, they steal from them,

What is needed for themselves to become human.

They will no longer be a doll but not of good,

Each Halloween they become more and more.

Beware the little old man who lives in his little house on the lake.



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