Chances taken, sacrifices made as they set sail for hope and a new life,

Far across the sea battling hunger and disease, they traveled a dream.

Not always was this a happy ending as many ships of the time were lost,

Hundreds of years ago families and friends, those seeking a better life took a chance.

Massive ships set course for unknown places, praying to conquer the oceans hostility,

The world was a mysterious and unknown piece of work still not understood.

It would take much courage and a voyage more complicated and rougher than imagined,

Plymouth Rock would one day be seen, a new world, this would be a land of new things.

There would be much sickness, hardship, and survival would be most difficult,

They would settle and slowly get to understand the ways of the Indian people.

The first Thanksgiving is not clear and no way to really know how it really was,

A new world it was for those whom were from another land and wanted change.

Here’s to a new world and too all the Thanksgivings before and today.

Keith Garrett


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