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I find my way beyond the turn of the century to a place, a town, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

1903 is the year and I am there to witness a first flight in the air, a time gone away.

Orville and Wilbur Wright on their first flight I would be a part of on this December day.

Say goodbye do I as it is time also for me to fly away, continue my dream filled night.

Land do I in a place, a man of science speaks of his theory of relativity, german is he.

Hans Albert Einstein stands not far from me, I listen as his voice rings out loud.

A voice, something that again carries me away to a city where a statue stands high.

Nineteen twenty seven New York city where I will see greatness and the twenty seven Yankees.

Murderers row they were called as they won world series one by one, this day I sit in the stands.

The Babe, Lou Gehrig, I find myself seated in their great presence, I am sitting in the dugout.

I hear the crack of his bat, watch as he drives his 714th home run out of the park, Yankee stadium.

Time to say goodbye, I am now going onward in my dream somewhere I have never seen.

Early Hollywood is now where I travel, the greatest of stars would come together.

Names so famous today, most of them have now gone away, I am here before them.

Men and women of the stage, screen, and theatre are right before my eyes, the early days.

We now leave here, travel back to the past, I find myself in a most historic setting.

With these eyes I will see what can only be a dream, Christ and the last supper.

I am shown through a window, seated men of stories, a bible of time, a sight from my mind.

I am and will forever be, Lost in a dream.


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