It came to me one morning as I listened to the sirens and noise,

Fall is here, Thanksgiving is coming soon and this is not the place to be.

My Thanksgiving dream is to get away to that special, little town of peace,

Something out of a movie, going home where friends and family still live.

Driving across the country to where memories wait for me, you can see Fall,

When I arrive I can see many trees with leaves dropping to the ground.

Suppose to be cold tonight, snow will be here soon, the days are short,

Here with family, old friends gather for a thanksgiving feast and thoughts.

The night is quiet, a warm fire, watching the sun go down with autumn alive,

Tomorrow is the day, asleep tonight in my old room, I can hear the wind howl.

Morning light awakens me with the smell of foods cooking downstairs,

Mom and Grandma in the kitchen, turkey in the oven and pies on the counter.

A cup of coffee, warm is the fire, outside on the porch as cold is the morning,

This is Fall, back home for the holidays where the seasons change.

Kids playing in piles of leaves, grateful for this day that’s about to be,

Today at the table together we sit, share, thankful for this Thanksgiving dream.

Keith Garrett




  1. “Today at the table together we sit, share, thankful for this Thanksgiving dream.” Brought back a lot of good memories. All my elders are passed on, and as I become one to my children, I look back on these times with a special fondness. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  2. You are always welcome at “His Family Table.” Pour your coffee, share your thoughts or just listen to ours. The smells from the kitchen must be imagined as well as the voices that are gathered. Thank you for visiting, and remember there is always room for another plate. Love is served at God’s table.

  3. Your dream is beautiful. If you know anyone who has lived it in real life let me know 🙂 The last time I went home for Thanksgiving was much different haha. I once wrote out an itinerary called The Thanksgiving Bonanza. Here’s to your peaceful, poetic dream 🙂

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