Take a look at this man, the spirit of Christmas as he stands,

Grown on his face is an enormous white beard, a jolly old man.

A red coat and cap trimmed in white color, warm as he needs,

A black belt around his waist and boots of black worn on his feet.

He’s known for a ho! ho! ho! and a Merry Christmas to all, Santa Claus,

As he fly’s through the air on Christmas Eve and to all a goodnight.

If you can dream like a child or dream as a child you once were,

Up at the North pole he lives, a fantasy village far, far, away.

Keith Garrett


One thought on “SANTA CLAUS

  1. I grew up believing there’s a Santa who gives away gifts during Christmas if you’re good. I was disheartened when I caught my mom distributing the gifts 😄.

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