Alone she lived in her house up so high, many years this woman,

Forgotten has she the joy and happiness that once was shared.

Isolates herself from most of this world as sorrow showed her a frown,

How will she ever find that lost smile, does she care anymore.

Something was to happen that night, a most unusual dream was real,

Awoke did she in the dark of night, a look on her face but not of fright,

A thought to her mind, she did not know really why, back to sleep for the night.

Up in the morning to a light snow seen from her window, in her eyes a glow,

Walked out into the snow, a feeling inside, a smile so slight, memories of a child.

Cut did she a small tree that stood alone, brought it home, a star placed above,

That’s when at that moment, when she saw Christmas and smiled once again.

Keith Garrett



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