Within a dome, it stands surrounded by glass,

Held up by an iron structure it is a beautiful sight.

Red this candle, glows bright in the darkness of the night,

For this holiday season a representation of the light, a symbol.

Candle in the glass, lit each night brings a peaceful light,

Burning bright, it gives light until a good night, tomorrow a sight.

Keith Garrett



3 thoughts on “CANDLE IN THE GLASS

  1. Actually, Lynne is partly right – dome is traditionally considered a solid structure by most people. But there are numerous instances where it is applied to open topped structures. So long as there is a dome-shape to it, people tend to call it a dome, whether open or closed (and with many variations). So, your choice of words may not be all that inaccurate, though perhaps not what most of us envision a candle residing in (such as a hurricane lamp).

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