What do you see when you see Winter, Do you see the mountains,

The cold, layered snow that rests so high almost touching the sky.

When the wind blows through the trees do you see the falling leaves,

The snow coming down is beautiful and white, what a Winter sight.

When you see Winter do you see the frozen pond where water hides,

Is there a lake you remember as once you were a child in another time.?

Do you recall Icicles hanging from a rooftop, from tree limbs in the woods,

Do you see children you once knew flying down the hill on sleds and saucers.?

When you see do you see with your memories, are your eyes closed, a scene from before,

Icy roads you once drove with a family, roads you wandered on your own,

When you see Winter does a life flash before your eyes, once from a child’s mind.

Keith Garrett



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