I see myself standing in An empty stadium, I am there in full uniform,

People arrive one by one, I wave to the crowd as they cheer so loud.

I look around, thousands of fans are screaming, look at me, part of a team,

I’ve always wanted this as a child, to be on top of the world, the big game,

Here I am down on the field, the whistle blows, kick that ball high and far.

Today I can be everything, this is my day, watch me play in my super game,

Down the sideline you can watch as I run, throw that ball to me, I am number one.

Hand me the ball on this Sunday afternoon, up the middle I’ll run, touchdown or two,

I am a star as in a dream all possibilities are seen, most valuable player, this could be.

The quarterback is me, third down and three, two minute warning, touchdown is far,

Passing the ball from side to side, who will be the hero when the ball touches the end zone?

Super dream is all that this is to be, I have kicked the winning field goal, MVP for me.

Keith Garrett



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