You created heaven and earth, the universe, you are magnificent,

Are you wondering what could possibly have happened to this place.?

I always had thoughts myself that you knew what was coming long ago,

Did you have tears of joy when so long ago you finished your six day project?

Such a wonderful gift but from the beginning until this day, struggles along the way,

You created man, a most complex mechanism, you knew that nothing would be easy.

You turned the first man loose, knowing that he would most likely stumble and fall,

Such an experiment to give free will and sit back to see what mankind would do.

Forgive the world lord for the many mistakes made, for thinking that destroyed beauty,

For hatred and much noncaring of this world, taking for granted what is really temporary.

Forgive the world lord for not saying to you thank you many more times than we should have.

Keith Garrett



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