I believe in ghosts, spirits that are here among us,

Do they wander all around us as we live and sleep.?

Sit at the edge of our beds talking to us while we dream,

Are they angry or sad, happy with smiles that last forever.?

Are their mean and evil ones that cause us pain while we sleep,

Maybe the unexplained events in our land are because of them.?

I think we have ghosts among us from many different centuries,

Possibly they visit a world they can never again live in, missing.

Do they trap themselves in a world where they no longer belong,

Afraid to move on to a new world, scared as they are not quite sure.?

Ghosts are where? forever they wander between what we can not see.

Keith Garrett



3 thoughts on “GHOSTS ARE WHERE?

  1. I like to believe that they live in a different dimension or reality, maybe we can feel them sometimes or some people will just say that we are insane XD anyway I like it!

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