Walk a little while with me under heaven as god watches,

See the beauty of the world as he intended, walk with me.

Hand in hand, travel this path of life for just a while and smile,

The sun shines upon us, the clouds have faces of their own.

In heaven, all is special and wonderful, walk further with me,

Feel the wind as it follows behind and passes us by, I feel.

Where is it that we belong, where do we walk as we talk,?

Thoughts of prayer keep us company, hold my hand and walk.

The grace of love is given to few, everlasting love that is true,

Love and companionship may be shared between two without

A commitment of being joined together always, without pain.

I am this lonely soul who walks with an angel hand in hand,

Smile to smile as with you we’ll love and stroll along, walk awhile.

Keith Garrett


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