This is for Glen Campbell, bring him peace,

For his family, a prayer to ease their pain.

He’s had quite a life, a child once with dreams like you,

Energy from a boy running and playing in the Summer sun.

Grew up with a guitar and a country voice, a sound so recognized,

For me it was Rhinestone cowboy, i was young and it made me dream.

I imagined that i could be him, like him, his beautiful songs of life,

A wife and kids who will remember and miss him dearly, he will not miss.

Taken from him by an unfeeling monster, slowly his thoughts, the music,

What’s inside may disappear but his music will live, forever listened too.

He will forget but the world, his family, and friends will remember for him,

He will go away just as a piece of him will always stay in the hearts of loving fans,

Glen Campbell, man, Husband, father, the name, singer, songwriter forever remembered.

Keith Garrett


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