My name Is Keith, I am a man,

I am not perfect, this I understand.

Sometimes I am angry, this Is not good,

I have much In my thoughts’, this Is a fact.

Many opinions’ are part of my character,

I’ll make light of my tragedies and disappointments’.

I am strong willed, I never give up,

In me, mistrust lives for many In this world.

If I love then I love all the way,

Committed am I till the end of life’s day.

I am a dreamer, my Imagination Is strong,

I’ll wish for what won’t be and still move along.

I am a man, my name Is Keith



6 thoughts on “I AM A MAN

  1. Thank you Keith for your piece.
    Despite the current media backlash against the XY chromsome of the human species, I am also proud to be a Man. Yes, some “men in power” have left us all bewildered and confused about our “roles” in society. The traditoinal gender roles have been unceremoniously upended with the advent of recent women’s movements. I am still adjusting to the reality of a multi-gendered world.
    But I also encounter many vocal women who know how to wieid their “feminine wiles” to get exactly what they want in my workpalces and in other the public arenas etc. I mean, whoever thought of the phrase “boyfriend jeans” and women wearing “mannish” looking shoes and watches.
    What really is left for us? Other than to clear snowy pavements [because there is no app for that, yet]; bake cakes and put out the garbage/rubbish collection on time
    Finally , I really hate the automatic association of “toxic” masculinity as applicable to all men; when in fact we have been socialised to be competitive in all aspects of the “game of life”.
    I am all for geneder equality – but NOT for the domination or subordination of one gender’s agenda over another.

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