In places I once knew, I remember, remember all of you,

From places I lived once as a child, a place in the snow for awhile.

Travels that took me to all of you, childhood friends oh! how I miss you,

Where are you now, scattered with time all over this always mysterious world.

Places of memories, Yorba Linda was very special to me as a boy, full of friends,

I remember all of you from each school, each day we gathered, where are you now.?

Hanging out at Winchell’s, in the park up the road, on a friday night a trip to Naugles,

Skate factory, skateway, girls and boys met for the night, now are men and women.

To Thrifty’s for an Icecream cone, a triple scoop for fifteen cents, what’s your favorite flavor,

A pinball machine was a favorite of mine, a quarter gave a gift of three games.

Walking to school, basketball at Bernardo Yorba on a Saturday afternoon, remember,?

The friends, the things we did, places to go, I remember you and pinball Wizard too,

So many streets, friends in houses no longer seen, I remember you from a lifetime ago.

Placentia Is a place of many memories for me as I had just moved from Yorba, a goodbye,

Nineteen seventy seven, Summer had just begun, A new place, friends to meet here.

Parties, skating, warm nights sitting outside laughing with new friends on the block,

Tri-city park walking a path around the lake, Yum, Yum donuts where everyone would meet.

Camelot where all people would go, friends and fun many years ago, where did you go,?

Bus rides and car drives off to the beach, In the waves we swam, laying out in the sand,

I saw you all as teens in what seems like a dream, we’re older now, I remember you always.

Keith Garrett



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