You were there, all of you were everywhere, stood before me,

We laughed together at recess, ran and played many school games.

After school basketball with a friend like you, one on one under the setting sun,

Walked back home saying see you tomorrow, goodnight my long ago friend.

Together we took that slow walk to school, remember being kids before we were grown,

Standing by the vending machines, by our lockers, we spoke of dreams and silly things.

Do you remember me as I have never forgotten you over these years that have Passed,

You were friends scattered around a town, now scattered throughout the world.

I saw you yesterday at the doughnut shop, at the skating rink, football in the park,

I saw you on many rainy days, at the beach we all sat in the sand, swam in the waves,

I saw you yesterday, many miles, roads, and years from here, I saw you yesterday.

Keith Garrett



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