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I went to sleep one night, remember do I nothing but going to bed.

There was a voice while I slept, It was calling me, I followed it far away.

I found myself in a place of a beginning, I watched the first sunrise.

The beginning of life was shown to me, I stood as man once stood.

Dinosaurs so giant roamed the land, hear them coming I could feel the fear.

The dawn of man I did see with my own eyes and sat with them trying to survive.

A nightly fire was shown to me, made from sticks and sparks from stones some time ago.

I spoke no words but a language understood with sound, primal man was all around.

Tools were used, made from wood, stone, and that which was left from animals dead.

I was one of them but I knew I belonged someplace else. This was my beginning.

The first sign of inventions as man was struggling to learn and understand his surroundings.

Onward this voice calls to me, in my dreamstate, I wander into a place, an Island within water.

A time of old, Knights and warriors, who fought in wars for Kings and Queens full of greed.

I was there but not seen, I watched the rich rule over the poor, medieval times were born.

I was forced to fight now dressed in battle armor, a battle among men and days of ignorance.

I was living their reality, all things were possible as fire breathing dragons soared the sky and

wizards cast spells of evil to rule the land or take over that which they thought was their world.

Castles I’ve only seen in children’s fairytales are here before me now a standing reality.

I walk through halls built in old England in times magic believed in the minds of superstitious

men and women. I find myself here and with my own eyes, magical occurrences are real.

A voice speaks to me that it’s time to leave, I travel along through many centuries, now where.?

Another time period, I see ships that set sail across the ocean to many new lands as I sleep.

I can feel the experience firsthand as I could only read about such things in books.

Sailing on a ship with men of history, brave men whom will sacrifice their lives to discover.



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