Trying to find my way back too whom I am, mind and spirit,
A weakness in myself discovered, now too work at and overcome.

To be alone may be a peaceful and pleasant experience in itself,
Although loneliness for me is quite a hell not wanted by this man.

How to be at peace with myself when there’s nobody there to share,
To understand that perhaps loneliness is just a frame of mind.

Emotional hurt is a psychological pain whether conscious or not,
It sickens the body and brings on physical ailments in my experience.

I’ve cried many days and nights about the loss of another human being,
A woman whom I thought made me who I am and that I would crumble without her.

Realizing that I’m still the same man who I was before she existed in my world,
Knowing that I’m not less of a man or not worth the attention of any other woman
Or soul who might come into my life.

My goal is to find that happiness each day with all the things that I do,
Whether or not she’s ever again in my life or periods in between.

Understanding that I have no need for any one person in my life,
Only a strong desire, a wanting to be with a certain someone whom I love today.

Caring about and loving myself is a must if I’m to love and care about
That special love that appears to be lost from my existence.

Learning that there are different types of selfishness to be,
Knowing that I would rather be giving when it comes to she.

My quest for peace begins with a smile as I awake in the morning,
I am Keith, I am a great person, there are those who love me,
There are those who believe that I matter, I do matter.

Keith Garrett



20 thoughts on “MY QUEST FOR PEACE

  1. Keith, your poem is so heartfelt. Love heals. Your last stanza really hit home with me! Yes, a joyous acknowledgement. Nicely written as always.

  2. “How to be at peace with myself when there’s nobody there to share,” this line drew me in like you wouldn’t believe. ((hugs)) can’t even begin to explain it, Keith but it is a honest statement that all of us go through, always. Thank you for sharing.

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