There was a day when I wrote my first poem, a bad day,

Nineteen ninety seven, sitting on the floor, desperation.

Never did I really write before, never a poetic word,

About my children, I wrote the words my fight.

Framed it and never stopped, always written on paper,

No computer owned at this time in my life, written words.

With time and thoughts, it wasn’t long before stacks formed,

In two thousand and three, I developed slowly anxiety problems.

I kept writing, finally, my first computer and away I went, typing,

At the same time, while I was typing out all of my poems, I wrote.

Today I have many full portfolios’ of poetry typed and a lot with pictures,

Halloween, Christmas, Western, much assorted about the world and I

Even have a Bruce Springsteen poetry book. each one with a picture to them.

Having a blog has helped me so much, I was encouraged by a certain writer of books,

Thank you all for your support, opinions, and of course your reading, my short story.

Keith Garrett


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